Dorien Reynaert first pregnancy: “it was a surprise

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Around the holidays you will be an actress, Dorien Reynaert for first time mommy’s to be. It was written in the stars that they had a child and wanted to be, but it’s so fast, it would be that it was not a surprise. No, it was not a “accidentje’, quite the opposite in fact.

“In march it would be Robin and I are going on a trip to the Congo. There is the corona, therefore, is a stick to put into it. The trip was cancelled. Thus, this was not at all planned to be there at the beginning of this year, ‘get to know’,” says Dorien in the Tv Family. But now, the actress and her husband, Robin, with an empty calendar. because of my schedule as an actress, almost empty, and we go through the corona, a few of the commands binnenkregen for our company, it seemed like Robin and me, the perfect period of time in order to meet our desire for it.”

And, against all odds, it was the right price. “That was for all of us the two, however, something of a surprise. However, we are very happy, of course. Very, very, very happy! I’m precisely at the end of december, beginning of January. It is a hugely exciting time of year for us,” laughs the actress.