Therefore, it creates An Lemmens for her daughter

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A post from An Lemmens caught our attention. Well on Instagram as on Facebook, An Lemmens for the past few months, several photos posted showing the face of her daughter was covered. How the little girl looks like, and that is something for your family, friends, and colleagues of the tv presenter. Just like the various other celebrities, decided that An Lemmens from an early age that she and her daughter would not be in the media wanted to step up.

“Of course, I’m so cliche and proud mom in the world. I feel that my child is genuinely the nicest, kindest, smartest, funniest person in the world. Do each and every day amazed that I am her itself have made. Why do I love her or not “art” to social media? Why, I’m her guard, and I love her (beautiful) face to the world, then cover it with a piece of it if I just share something? Because I think it’s creepy to find that everyone else in the world, so grip on our life. Because they do not have a “well-known” mommy, you have to have. Because she did not want to see that others recognize her,” he writes, An Lemmens.