Music suggestions for the weekend, (part of 17)

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Every Friday, we provide you with quite a few musical tips for the weekend to come. At this time, we have new music from artists like Chris Cornell, Eefje de Visser, and Taylor Swift.

Chris Cornell

This week would be Chris Cornell of 56 years. In order to be stopped, and brought his wife, Vicky, have a record out in 2016, which gives Chris the song Patience by Guns ’n ‘ Roses albums. According to Vicky, does this cover her with a bitter-sweet experiences and memories. The birthday of Chris and thought it a perfect time for this type of music with the world, to share with you. In order that the work of Cornell and his wonderful voice will never be forgotten.

At the same time, the launch of Chris’ children, Toni and Christopher, a program under the umbrella of the Stop The Stigma. Here, they want to draw attention to the so-called Substance use disorders (SUD). These include mental health problems as a result of long-term use of alcohol and/or drugs. In many cases, these issues are not properly recognized and treated.

Eefje de Visser

Bittersweet is the name of a gorgeous concert film that is Eefje de Visser did. The film shows a performance by musicians who are among the absolute top in the Netherlands, has to be considered. In addition to concertbeelden you can also see images taken by its Robotic studio, Gent, where she lives today.

The film is to watch, Vimeo on Demand. For 8 euros you can get a stream to watch, and for only 16 euros you can Bittersweet download. All of the proceeds will go to the staff and members of Eefje de Visser, who at the coronacrisis earnings miss.

The Third Man’s Public Address System

We have had it for a couple of times before in past editions of this column over to Sonos Radio. It seems that every week a new and interesting radio station have to offer. This week, Sonos, and with the news that they, along with Third Man Records, is a radio station have been set up. At this time, with a record label, and vinylperserij Third Man Records.

The radio station is called ” Third Man’s Public Address System, and brings you a blend of psychedelic punk rock, groovy, funk, power pop and blues. Say they are from Third Man Records the following about the initiative: “the Third Man, the Public Address System brings with it a selection of of us, a genre-crossing label, as well as music from all over the world, which are all represented, and what we say and what we feel. Inspiration, information, affection, and despair…”.

You can use the radio to find and listen to the app from the Sonos.

Perfume Genius

This week, Perfume Genius (from a distance) to be a guest on the show is Jimmy Fallon. He played the song On the Floor from his latest album, Set My Heart on Fire ” Immediately. In the past, we have to Perfume Genius live before, but never with such a large band. Sometimes it seems to break the voice to be drowned out amongst all the artists, but half way through he’ll be happy just as all of space. Very, very nice.

Sonic Youth

From the Basement is a series of Nigel Godrich (known as the o for a while.a. the producer of Radiohead), where the musicians, are invited to participate in a small cellar in brief appearances. In the course of the years, From the Basement is a wonderful store built on that now and slowly make his way to YouTube and know how to find it. In the past, the videos of, among others, Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Queens of the Stone Age, Fleet Foxes, is out this week, the Sonic Youth of the act.

The legendary noiserockers in 2007 as a guest in the basement, and played a set where the focus was on the then-recently released album, Rather Ripped, but you can hear two tracks from the album Daydream Nation.

New album releases

Also this week, there are a lot of great new albums came out, that listening is more than worth it. We share below a number of links to the Music, you just have to find them, feel free to use your favorite streamingplatform. Or pay a visit to the local record store.

Taylor Swift

The big surprise this week comes from Taylor Swift. All of a sudden brought up it’s in the album, the folk of. With this album, the beats and the singer has to create a new path where they can get help from a interesting angle. Thus, by Aaron Dessner of The National on 11 of the 16 songs, and we listen to the song, exile vocalist for Bon Iver.

According to Taylor Swift, wrestling, a lot of musicians in this time period, with the period in which they make their music to their fans, but she had a feeling that if you do something that makes you need to share it with the world.

Jessy Lanza

After those 4 years Jessy Lanza album. All of the Time is filled with songs that lift you off your sit. Perfect for the weekend.

PJ Harvey

In 1992, PJ Harvey’s debut album Dry it out. With this album, she was immediately named as an energetic performer and a talented song writer. In the first edition of the CD, a second disc with demo versions of the songs. It has now been released.

Kamaal Williams

Kamaal Williams to turn his music as an interesting bridge between the jazz and experimental electronica. On this album he teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and the singer’s Heart and Faith. The name of the album, and We to Them, it is a nickname that Williams received from his Taiwanese grandmother.