Big Brother is back!!!!

7c39825ab639c378c8030812f0e7cd05 - Big Brother is back!!!!

For more than 20 years after the mother of the reality show was brought to life, will be the biggest and most popular reality tv series is finally returning to the low countries: it is SBS, RTL 5 will bring Big Brother back in 2021 joint back on to the screen. The legendary succesfenomeen the world, still surrounded by a lot of people and also in the other European countries, and a successful revival in progress. Big Brother knows everything about you and likes everyone to have a look in the mirror. What is perception and what is reality? Big Brother is looking out to 2021.

In 1999, wrote that the Netherlands is the history with the first ever Big Brother in the world. Today, more than twenty years after the start of the popular reality tv series, are we living in an orwellian society where we are constantly looking to keep tabs on each other to keep an eye on, watch, and judge. The differences are on the lookout at all times, you’ll believe it is easier than ever, and we all go to, to get the best possible image of ourselves out there. It is, therefore, high time for Big Brother to everyone, a mirror to the society, once again to take part in his experiment.