Vanya Wellens takes a sigh of relief: “at last”

Vanya Wellens takes a sigh of relief: "at last"

Home / actress Vanya Wellens has two children here and they absolutely enjoy their keep. The actress told us two months ago, All of them in the whole extent of the corona is not really easy it was.

In the meantime, the actress, in her view, of what it should be. “Finally, they have surgical masks mandatory,” said Vanya in a new Day for All of them. “For someone with word and mouth mask at the beginning, there was already one made. But I was afraid to wear it because no one was doing it. Anyway, by now you can see that it is necessary”, the actress with a sigh of relief. “I honestly don’t expect anything else. I’m pretty sure it was a bad idea, the bounds have to be set up,” adds Vanya continues.