Pat Krimson releases new single

6bfcc464af4910764974d7b5a44df0ff - Pat Krimson releases new single

We don’t really have to complain about in the summer of 2020, but the real summer is still a while to wait. Temperatures above 25° c have been for quite a while, an exception, which is in contrast to the previous year.

Is that in the summer of 2020, the majority of people, a staycation is. Also, Pat Krimson, and his friend, Loredana did not immediately have any plans to go abroad, to go, to tell the dj this week as well as Day to All of you. “Loredana and I will continue to make sure our own country this summer. In the spring, and it was a tumor of the neck removed, so we are extra careful”, you hear the sound of it.

Pat Krimson has a daughter of 7 years old to walk around and have a pretty good idea of the derivation is required. Troy is now going to be a lot of playing. She was so happy that she is back with her friends, to be able to play,” laughs Pat Krimson.

Is Patje, anyway, do not be quiet, he has a new single ready for the title of “Summer Vibe” (the title covers the load is actually complete.