Reactions to victory over Aston Villa at Arsenal (folded)

ad1813b4c252b5625ef9297807234b2a - Reactions to victory over Aston Villa at Arsenal (folded)

Reactions to victory over Aston Villa at Arsenal (folded)

21 July, 2020 18:45
21-07-20 at 18:45
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the international football! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on the games in the Premier League and Serie A.

  • International football
  • Results:
  • Watford-Manchester City 0-4
  • Atalanta-Bologna 1-0
  • Aston Villa-Arsenal 1-0

Aston Villa-Arsenal · 22 hours ago

It is in the basement of the Premier League after the matches on tonight:

15. Brighton, 37-38 (37-53)
16. West Ham United, 36-37 (47-60)
17. Aston Villa, The 37-34 (40-66)
18. Car 37-34 (34-61)
19. Bournemouth’s 37-31 (37-64)
20. Norwich City ** 37-21 (26-70)

The numbers of eighteen through twenty to degrade.Aston Villa-Arsenal · 26 minutes ago

Aston Villa grabs the pole against the premier league’s
Aston Villa picks up a blade of straw in the battle against relegation from the Premier League. The club and Birmingham to win 1-0 in the first half, and because, on goal difference, the safe was seventeen, instead of a Car, which earlier in the evening won’t stand a chance and lost to Manchester City. The team of Anwar El Ghazi, who in the whole match on the bench, but it is now three games in a row unbeaten. On Sunday, the final day of the Premier League is Aston Villa’s visit to West Ham United.Aston Villa-Arsenal · a 42-minute geleden77′ Post! The will of the higher power be with Aston Villa this evening, well-disposed, as it turns out. Edward Nketiah selling on behalf of Arsenal from a corner kick on to the post and the terugstuiterende the ball goes over the back of the net Galleries are almost still on the goal line, but he knows he is in the last minute of the second half to prevent.The 42-minute geledenAston Villa-Arsenal · 44 minutes geleden75, ” This is the final chance for Aston Villa to take the game to finally to be disposed of. Grealish is launching a Davis, and the striker shoots the ball out of there along with the purpose of the Monument.Aston Villa Scored one an hour ago

Still, a quarter of an hour to play at Villa Park, and it looks to be getting better and better from Aston Villa, despite the fact that Arsenal are under constant attack. Going to the club, and Birmingham are three main points to enter into the fight against relegation? Yet, is it on the right side of the line.Aston Villa-Arsenal · the one-hour geleden60′ the Arsenal manager with Mikel Arteta and has seen enough and intervenes. He takes recordaankoop Nicolas Pépé and Kieran Tierney on the field. I’m on the hunt for the final, Aston Villa and defending it with tooth and nail for the lead.Aston Villa-Arsenal · the one-hour geleden54, ” There is Aston Villa, with the fright. Top scorer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang gets the ball in a promising position, with the feet, and then you have to take care of everything and everyone. Fortunately for Aston Villa, is Konsa in the path of the bullet.Aston Villa-Arsenal-four hours ago, toKick-off! The roll back to Villa Park for the second half of Aston Villa-Arsenal. Does the home team the lead in the struggle to preserve it in the Premier League?the one-hour geledenAston Villa-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! Aston Villa seems to be on top of themselves to increase, as it is a knife to the throat position. The club, Birmingham’s lead, earned with a 1-0 against Arsenal, and climb virtually to the security in the seventeenth place in the Premier League. An intense degradatiestrijd with Watford, Bournemouth, wi-on Sunday, the final day of the competition.Aston Villa-Arsenal fc · 2-hour geleden45′ Grealish! The season from Aston Villa, is doubling almost on the edge, with a flaming shot distance from the edge of the penalty area. The ball sails right next to it.Aston Villa-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

The relief can be seen on the faces of the players of Aston Villa after the opening goal from Trezeguet. Highlights of this match as the turning point in an degradatiestrijd in the Premier League?Aston Villa-Arsenal · 2 hours ago –27′ GOAL to Aston Villa! 1-0

Aston Villa is in for a major head start in the battle against relegation from the Premier League! Trezeguet will get a drop with a corner to the feet, and pulls the trigger on a great way. The club of Birmingham, and is now virtually on the goal difference on the right-hand side of the degradatiestreep.Aston Villa-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

For more than twenty minutes to be played at Villa Park, and it is clear that both of these clubs are under intense pressure to stand. Nice attack, the viewer is not given, the opportunities, and score goals, either. Arsenal has an optical dominance, but it’s not.A 2-hour geledenAtalanta-Bologna · 2 hours ago

In this context is breaking records with her victory at Bologna
In this context breaks new records in the 1-0 victory at Bologna. The 95th hit of the season, which equals the club’s City to the more than sixty-year-old competitierecord that Fiorentina are in the season 1958/1959 posted it in the Serie A. Also, they gathered for the blue-and-black people are not yet as many points (74) in the league. The old clubrecord stood at 72 points, which is the season of 2015/2016. The one and only goal in this Context is the name of a Luis Muriel.Aston Villa-Arsenal · 2 hours ago theKick-off! With the ball at Villa Park. Could Aston Villa, and the enormous pressure to sustain and win the premier league for the degradatiestrijd in the Premier League’s new lease of life?Premier League · 2 hours ago

It is in the basement of the Premier League before with Aston Villa, the Arsenal, and after the Watford-Manchester City:

15. Brighton, 37-38 (37-53)
16. West Ham United, 36-37 (47-60)
17. Car 37-34 (34-61)
18. Aston Villa’s 36-31 (39-66)
19. Bournemouth’s 37-31 (37-64)
20. Norwich City ** 37-21 (26-70)

The numbers of eighteen through twenty to degrade.Aston Villa-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

And by the way there is for the more than enough in the game in the first half. The team, manager and Mikel Arteta should be on the turn to win by Aston Villa to keep an eye on the ticket for the Europa League. If the league is not gonna make the club out of London, and then in the semi-final of the FA Cup on the 1st of August a second attempt at Home.Aston Villa-Arsenal · 3 hours ago

Aston Villa are preparing for one of the most important nights in the recent history of the club. Only a win at Arsenal, the club can be from Birmingham to actually keep to the Premier League. About a quarter of an hour rolling the ball at Villa Park.3 hours geledenAtalanta-Bologna · 3-hour geledenZo is Marten de Roon is with Atalanta the lead against Bologna by Stefano Denswil.

That is the advantage for the Eu! 💪
Does a cork in fine 👏
#ATABOL #SerieA #ZiggoSport


AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen20:56 am – July 21, 2020Watford-Manchester City · 3 hours ago

Sometimes Car won’t stand a chance down at the City
With the resignation of manager Nigel Pearson will not result in an impact at Watford. The Hornets suffering a losing 0-4 defeat against Manchester City and with just one race to go, three points on the degradatiestreep. Aston Villa this evening with a victory at Arsenal in points with the team on an interim-year-old Hayden Mullins. City scored, Raheem Sterling, two of the times. The remaining goals have come in the name of Phil Foden and Aymeric Laporte.Atalanta-Bologna · 3 hours ago –63′ GOAL ” in this Context! 1-0

Luis Muriel is on the field and as it happens there are some in this Context. The nifty striker to shoot a neat touch on the ball. The dramatic first half of it seems to be a quick forget about through the club and out of the City.Watford-Manchester City · 3 hours to geleden82 Rarely were there in shifts, so won’t stand a chance if the Car tonight against Manchester City. The players don’t seem to be in a strike against the board of directors, after the resignation of manager Nigel Pearson. After a little over eighty minutes, there is still not a single shot on target to be unloaded.Atalanta-Bologna · 3 hours ago, theKick-off! The whistle sounds again in the City in the second half of Atalanta-Bologna. The crew of the Dutch international Marten de Roon, in the peace and quiet of hard nuts to crack, after the poor performance in the first half? The only bright spot for the home team to win, that is, the position is still 0-0 it is.3 hours geledenAston Villa-Arsenal · 3 hours ago

Aston Villa hope to draw out the dramatic competition of a rival Car against Manchester City. In a victory for the club, Birmingham, barca have a free kick tonight for the first time in a long time at the top of the degradatiestreep in the Premier League. Anwar El-Ghazi there for the time being not to contribute to it, as he will start on the substitute bench. At the Villa Park roll of the ball is at 21: 15 hrs.

Drawing With Aston Villa: Reina; El-Mohamady, Konsa, Heating, Targett; Commenting On The Results, At The, Hourihane, Trezeguet, Grealish, Samatta.

Establishment Of The Arsenal: Martinez; Holding, As, At, Kolasinac; Cedric, Luxurious, Ceballos, Saka; Nketiah, Lacazette, Aubameyang.Watford-Manchester City · 3 hours ago

In the evening, it is even more painful and even more painful for the Car. Rival Aston Villa have a better goal difference and a win tonight at the Arsenal in the safe, in the seventeenth place of the Hornets’ control.Watford-Manchester City · 3-minute walk fromthe 67′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 0 to 4

People laugh at him is Car has, and after the resignation of manager Nigel Pearson is Car is completely red (played by the stars of Manchester City. Even a defender Aymeric Laporte is allowed to score a goal. He’s touch from an indirect free-kick from Kevin De Bruyne. Where is this going to end for the sake of his family home team?Watford-Manchester City · 3 hours to geleden65 Raheem Sterling to the side, as a manager, Josep Guardiola, and there it was, the attacker would not be happy with it. He will, of course, are doelpuntentotaal in the Premier League and a further up-grading, but in the Champions League match against Real Madrid on August 7, casting its shadow already ahead.Watford-Manchester City · 3 hours ago –63′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 0 to 3

One goal is to get a ring to catch up again with Raheem Sterling to be involved in this. For the attacker to bounce-in the first instance, on the Watford goalkeeper Foster, but the rebound may be, and Phil Foden, for the empty goal is easy binnentikken. A horroravond for the Car.Atalanta-Bologna · 3 hours ago

Peace of mind! Marten de Roon doing with the Eu is still not a lot of it is Bologna, Stefano Denswil. The club’s City must be in for the rest transformed in the second half, and once again, the spektakelploeg of the past are to be provided. After the shower encounter, it is still 0-0.Premier League · 3 hours ago

Klopp calls on Liverpool fans to stay at home at the award ceremony
Jürgen Klopp is calling for the supporters of Liverpool, and in the next morning to stay at home as ‘The Reds’ in the kampioensbeker in that case. The German coach wants a repeat of the events surrounding the conquering of the title, avoid. “It’s a challenge for a lot of fans, but in this group we have the bigger challenges is stopped. To stay at home with your family. At the first chance we get, we’ll all have a party to celebrate. But only if it is permissible to do so.”Watford-Manchester City · 3-minute walk fromKick-off! The ball is rolling once again at Vicarage Road in Watford, Manchester City. The home team was still on the rack, or is it little wonder on the Uk’s horizon?Premier League · 4 hours ago

Lampard: Title is still a long way off for Chelsea
Frank Lampard is not Chelsea can fight for the title after the recording of Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner. The club, based in London is currently in fourth place in the Premier League. “We have to be realistic. Manchester City and Liverpool have been incredibly consistent. This is because they are hard to work with and the great players and coaches,” said Lampard in the run-up to the uitduel with the champion of the club. “We are in a new location. You have to have the two best teams in the world, and the state in the past couple of seasons doesn’t lie. But, of course, if you want to be in the hole with them, to reduce them.”Atalanta-Bologna · 4 hours ago

Nearly twenty minutes were passed in the City, and in this Context seems to be not in the well-known spektakelploeg of the season. The team of Marten de Roon to create a rustic impression, and even the initiative of the Bologna show.Watford-Manchester City · 4 hours ago

Peace of mind! Any coach, there are three trainersontslagen for the group in the Car, no one would like this team to win from the dominant Manchester City. The team manager Josep Guardiola walks to the netherlands home team in the base, and led by 0-2 through two goals from Raheem Sterling.Watford-Manchester City · 4 hours geleden45+2′ At the start of the rest, nevertheless, it is still best for the Car. Dawson reads from an indirect free-kick, but City’s goalkeeper Ederson the ball is simply in your hands to capture.Watford-Manchester City · 4 hours ago –40′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 0 to 2

In the second step is to go to Raheem Sterling, who is in the penalty itself is a violation of the Type of the attacker. Foster will have his efforts from 11 metres, but in the rebound he could not miss an empty goal, and that is what he is not. Car was involved in a risky mission against Manchester City.Watford-Manchester City · 4 hours geleden39′ Penalty to Manchester City!!! Again, to play Raheem Sterling for a role in this. He is being brought down by Hughes, and the referee points to move into the spot.Watford-Manchester City · 4 hours ago

With the match against Watford vijzelt Raheem Sterling have been doelpuntentotaal this is the season to eighteen. He equals his personal record for the season 2017/2018. In total, he has 84 hits in the Premier League.Atalanta-Bologna · 4 hrs ago –Kick-off! The ball will roll into the City from Atlanta city center. Continues to Marten de Roon, with his team unbeaten since the resumption of the Serie A? Or some old-following his departure to chelsea, Stefano Denswil up there with Bologna and a toothpick for?”Watford-Manchester City · 4 hours ago –a 31′ GOAL Manchester City!!! From 0 to 1

The match was the result and it is a half-hour. Interim coach Hayden Mullins has made his supporters very little to be able to teach it, because Raheem Sterling will be given all the space and time to get out of it, and that is exactly what you don’t have to do with the English international. Car should now be out in the open on all fours.Watford-Manchester City · 4 hours ago

Also, the interim-year-old Hayden Mullins is scared most probably by the fear that his team sneaks into the home game against Manchester City. Car is in the lot for the runner-up in the Premier League.Watford-Manchester City · 4 hours geleden22, ” It’ll have to wait for the opening goal for Manchester City. Raheem Sterling and Phil Foden will take the goal of the Foster is under fire, but to no avail. Car dug-in and out from the trenches, not a counter-attack against the stars of Manchester, united kingdom.Watford-Manchester City · 4 hours ago

Manchester City to seize, as anticipated, the initiative, at Vicarage Road, the second Car far away in the trenches. This can make it impossible for a long time to keep going with the laagvlieger that is not a way to avoid to be a degradation to them.Watford-Manchester City · 4 hours geleden10′ Keeper Foster, protect Car up for an early deficit against Manchester City. The former whip in a shot distance of Rodri, with a graceful save it from its goal.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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