John Smith will also be presenting at this year’s summer Hit

John Smith will also be presenting at this year's summer Hit

We have been the best, for for the the Radio 2 summer Hit, is there a way to get the show to go on, taking into account the corona and actions. Over the past few years, it was a live show in Blankenberge, belgium at an event attended by thousands of people in the field. This year they will Hit out for the event to be, but the build host is john Smith and host Siska Schoeters, with the ten nominees is a party in a remote location has to offer. For the viewers at home to watch it, and have the opportunity to vote for the summer Hit.

For people who do not want to wait until the 16th of August, has a Radio 2 from Monday, the 3rd of August, every day, to-Hit, in a special programme Counting down to the Hit by David Van Ooteghem.