At this point, words were given to you, is inspired in the Mauritshuis

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Check out the Mauritshuis, a museum with your the ears, it is a project by Dutch musicians for a number on a piece of art from the museum’s collection. After He, MEROL, and His car-coats, it is now the turn of Japanese Gibberish.

WiWa, ken, you, of course, if one of the members of The Youth of Today, but that was the last time a solo is active. Recently, he released his debut album, Enkelbangers out. At the Mauritshuis museum, where he became inspired by the work that is out there to be seen. At the moment, if he was a rare exception, together with Geert-Jan, Borgstein of the department of Education and the Mauritshuis, wander through the halls.

The project is intended to be a musician of one’s work and select a song to compose. For, at this point, words were given to you, it was very important that he is able to identify with the characters in the picture. Soon, he came out with the Two African men from Rembrandt: “I think this is really cool, it feels very modern, because there are black people in it. Weird that it’s really as simple as that. It’s a kind of recognition, because it’s dark, it’s more noticeable-and do you think it’s cool.”

The threat

In the end, however, in a painting by Jan Steen, Moses, and the crowning of the pharaoh, from the year 1670. It is the story of the work of art takes place in ancient Egypt. The plague of Moses was given by one of the advisors of the pharaohs were seen as a threat to his throne. Jan Steen depicted the pharaoh as an old man, who is down on his throne, as he feels that his time has come. In order to test whether Moses was actually a threat, forcing the pharaoh of Moses, has to choose between a gold, and a bowl of red-hot coals. The gold is a symbol of the throne of the pharaoh. Chose Moses to the coal, and it burned him. For that reason, it believed that the pharaoh that Moses was not a direct threat to him for years.”Power is always a super-interesting.”, said, at this point, words were given to you in the sight of pharaoh.

Moses and pharaoh has inspired the rapper to write the song, Poached and that he’s on a Thursday, the 23rd of July, live will be performing in the lobby of the Mauritshuis museum. To watch a stream on the Facebook page of the Mauritshuis, a museum, and the Instagram and the Facebook of at this point, words were given to you. It is up to 20 fans as possible to take part in the action. For your chance to win, you can you to the 21 of July, at midnight to sign.

On the 24th of July, is the song to listen to on Spotify