A holiday in your own country? Kim Debrie is not a problem

b6a4676642e63e5f085d21d7549e80f7 - A holiday in your own country? Kim Debrie is not a problem

Kim Debrie in the Easter holidays for two weeks in Bali had fallen, but that trip was the coronamaatregelen don’t have to continue. During the months of July and August, it is holiday, there is not even an option, as, from Monday to Friday, and between 9 and 12 you can hear Kim’s show on Radio 2, with the ‘Mad Lot of Us.

And that’s at the same time, just what are some of this year’s agenda. Holiday, 1 was dropped into the water, the ‘Plage Préférée ” can’t continue, at present, there are no plans yet for this summer to go on vacation. “The seven big questions, and there is still nothing posted. I don’t have to immediately jump off the plane. It’s real interesting to get tips, to get great things in our Flanders, the tourist has to do. It was by 2018, with ago, we would have a longer stay in the foreign country had made, and was, of course, looking forward to going to the island to leave. But, for now, to say that a vacation a year to travel, and then for 17 hours with a protective mask on a plane, sit down, and there’s no way I’m. I am instead on my bicycle and go around here, but good to eat.”