Sven Ornelis is responding: “The rumors are not correct’

Sven Ornelis is responding: "The rumors are not correct'

Sven Ornelis is the only of Bonheiden for Lochristi moved on, and he has been with race face. On his blog, will take to the presenter, to talk, to argue. “I’m not going to the restaurant to open. That buzz is, in fact, in the round,” writes Sven Ornelis.

The presenter wrote this a while ago, and that he was happy to even have guests in the kitchen wants to invite, and to conclude, people have the mistaken notion that you will soon be the new home of the Job and can go out and eat. Thus, there is nothing to it. Or is he going to be in an all-new kitchen, kookvideo for his blog. But for a restaurant to open? That isn’t an option. “There was never a question of something”, is the response of a baffled Sven Ornelis. “So, let me once again repeat: I do not have a restaurant in Lochristi. There is plenty of hotel and catering industry in our country is that it is difficult to get enough. Restaurant owners who are the heart and soul of working order for the customers to be pampered and at the same time, the head above the water. I can get people to support it. As a new client. Not to be a competitor.”