Equal Idots are announcing a tour to the

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Equal Idiots are back, never really went away. Adolescence, Blues Community, following two and a half years after their debut album, Eagle Castle, in that area. Last week, the Friday immediately over the summer at Rock Werchter. Today it will announce three tour dates in the spring of 2021.
Where the Eagle’s Castle, BBQ, a happy, wild, uncultivated, and often rough journey of two very young dogs in Hoogstraten (b), it is Adolescence the Blues Community, more focused, more serious, and more freely, with a steering wheel and two drivers, who have simply grown up to become. Fear not, however: parties are still high on the agenda of Discussions in Christiaensen (vocals/guitar), and Peter A (drums and vocals), and Adolescence Blues Community is in the appropriate aisle, between the over-supply of atmospheric fumbling that we have today, it will be beaten to death.

“It has been suggested, for example that of a rock-’n’ -roll – tjingel-tjangel from a past life – past and is. Otherwise, what is the right touch of technology will bring? As Thibault Christiaensen, and Peter A, along the infamous and well-known as an Equal Idiots, you know that you can with a guitar, drum, and voice to a deadly epidemic is spreading.” (In The Morning).
March 12, 2021 – Trix, Antwerp, belgium
18-march-2021 – Depot, Leuven (belgium)
March 19, 2021 – Vooruit, Ghent

Tickets are now on sale via the website of the Trix, The Depot, and Democrazy.

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