Shortly after his sell-Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater, a four-time

Shortly after his sell-Studio 100's Pop-Up Theater, a four-time

The evening only is available on Monday and Tuesday, and finally on to the stage, that is, it is in the meantime again four months ago.
Koen and Kris Wauters, four times in a sold-out Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater Again. “As a God, it’s like, oh, yes. That was a long time ago,” said Koen Wauters Saturday morning show on Radio 2. “We have to go with the full-band performance, in absolute terms. It’s been a bit of a habit that everyone in a small occupation, the acoustic is going to occur. Because there is not a lot of people, and, therefore, the production budgets are very high,” according to the lead singer of Clouseau.

And yet, he was sure, to everyone, that was, the singer, the logical thing to do. “We were about to go on tour to leave the band, but now, more than half of the guests to say, “I’m sorry, we’re going to act without you,” that is, I do not find it in my heart. William is not, by the way, we will continue business as usual, with the whole band.”