Bourla theatre says goodbye to Her pas-de-calais

b01231d42eff71f42721e6941fd12651 - Bourla theatre says goodbye to Her pas-de-calais

Saturday afternoon, it was in Sicily to Antwerp, to say goodbye to Her pas-de-calais, the wife of Herbert Flack.

Sicily was an important place for Her, she has been working for nearly 30 years in the house. Her and learned The He is in the room to know what he would of her, six years ago, at the wedding, ask. The ceremony was opened with the report of the VTM the NEWS of their wedding ceremony at the city hall of the city.

During a very emotional but at the same time, warm, the ceremony was adopted by a family and a small group of friends and colleagues to say goodbye to the beautiful theatre. Among other things, Francesca Vanthielen, An Nelissen, Peter Van den Begin, Katelijne Damen, Tom De Wispelaere, jump off Borghmans, Jelle Cleymans, Kevin Johnson, mr. joseph De Smedt, Leah Thys, Ann Van den Broeck, Stany Crets, and, Carry Goossens were on hand to make a last salute to Her pas-de-calais market.