A TV-icon by Luc Appermont, in the online talk show of Gunter Reniers

25cd6d2067daabd4aa1598661fbe4b5b - A TV-icon by Luc Appermont, in the online talk show of Gunter Reniers

“All of the five in a row, the talk show host, Gunter Reniers, it is a train ride away. In the past, high-profile guests, such as the red devil’s of Simon Mignolet and the parish priest, Youtube, Wim Simons, with up to 70,000 spectators, it is the Monday 20 July to Friday 25 July for the turn on the TV icon, and Haspengouwer in the heart and soul of Luc Appermont.

Reniers : ”Luc in Bilzen, and that it is, indeed, full of Haspengouw. I have learned to Luc know, during my time as a Wittekerke-the actor at the beginning of this century (laughs). During the summer, it ran on tv, as The Wittekerke match, a quiz about the series by the viewers and the characters in the movie. The shooting took place in the casino of Middelkerke, belgium. I have also had a few times in the game. The atmosphere was great ! I have learned, it is also a producer, A native of belgium, Buytaert know in my later chances at a TV Character.

In a collaboration with the Luc, in the theater, and managed to, just don’t, but come along as a guest to my talksoap “All of the five-in-a-row” in the Theater, The Roxy, that was it ! I am very happy about it, because I’m a really big fan of Luke. I grew up with Luc in the city. And, actually, I already have all of my life, Luc Appermont, are in a way (laughs). And I mean it don’t you ! Now, we’re still all together in one show. With a careful …!”