Steven Lemmens is a new nethoofd of the CHARITY

6d7699a34871c4bc26ae36aa97efb493 - Steven Lemmens is a new nethoofd of the CHARITY

Steven Lemmens (37) of the new nethoofd of the CHARITY. As the youngest radio station of the VRT in the last few years, has grown into an exciting brand, with a nearly 700,000 listeners, and have an active digital fan base. Steven, instead of On Gulickx, that network manager is the result.

Manager, radio-Els Of de Sijpe: “Steven Lemmens, combining a great passion for radio and have a clear understanding of the latest digital opportunities in an ever-changing mediacontext. He has an affinity with the world of CHARITY, and is a strong coach. At the CHARITY he is an enthusiastic and talented team of young filmmakers who are using all of them engage in a dialogue with the audience. Together we will continue to have a strong CHARITY on the radio and it’s digital.”