Music suggestions for the weekend, (part of 16)

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Every Friday, we provide you with quite a few musical tips for the weekend to come. At this time, we have new music from artists like Lianne La Havas, Jarvis Cocker and Prince.

Lianne La Havas

It was silent for a long time around the songstress Lianne La Havas. Thankfully, she’s back to her warm voice and delicate guitar. In the year 2020 will bring, they still have a great-sounding mix of folk and soul. Writing is the recording of the album with a strong, recognizable stories of love. Interesting enough to fit in a cover-of-Radiohead (Weird Fishes), as well.

Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes

The duo of Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes has been a couple of times, popped up in this column. At this time, and for that they deserve a place due to an improvised version of a Tiny Desk Concert. At this time, they’re playing two new songs and special guests are invited to attend. First time to hear and see you, Nightrider, to which Jordan Rakei in the song does John Mayer at the end of the guitar solo is allowed to play. The second track is a Tidal Wave, and Rocco Palladino (son of Pino Palladino on the bass, and the vocals of Joel Culpepper.

Sonos-The Full Spectrum Of

Now, all of the festivals and celebrations have come to a halt this year, there is no Pride. Sonos, the Radio will fill this void with a new channel, which is a Full Spectrum, as it is called. This is a new initiative that is coming from a group whose Pride@Sonos says. The system consists of a Sonos-supported LGBTQI+community, staff, and supporters.

The Full Spectrum is more than just a playlist. It’s a radio station that is both the LGBTQI+community, as a POC who have to deal with the inequality and to develop successfully if (and especially within the coloured and transgemeenschap) support. A lot of the artists that the station can hear, come from those communities, and with their music are inextricably linked.

In between, to hear the listeners with personal anecdotes from a Sonos employee. As Steven Saftig is a senior copywriter, brand design, he/him): “by Melissa Etheridge was the first artist that I remember is that she was open about the fact that they are gay it was. Unfortunately, it was a part of my family that are not able to do. But I do know that my mother used to say: “What does it matter that she is gay? They make great music!” It was like the first whiff of my mother’s when I was in the closet was nothing short of worth it if you’re gay in the first place.


Also, with the re-release of Prince’s album Sign O’ the Times, we have all of the attention given to it, but this preview is too great to ignore. One of the ones who, in 1987, the album has been released, it is, I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man. It turns out, Prince wrote the song as early as 1979, and took over as the first version.

New album releases

In addition to the new album by Lianne La Havas this week will be even more albums have been released that we think are worth your while. We share below a number of links to the Music, you just have to find them, feel free to use your favorite streamingplatform. Or pay a visit to the local record store.


Jarvis Cocker (who is, of course, you know, of the Pulp) were used for a while, the name is JARV’S… Now there’s a new album. Accordingly it appears that, JARV, it IS rather a band than a solo project it is. The album, Beyond The Pale, it sounds well thought out, made by a musician for a very long time with. The number of Save-The-Whale sounds, Jarvis Cocker sounds a lot like Leonard Cohen. The album does not immediately understand, but it’s exciting enough for a first, a second, a third and a fourth time.


The post at the beginning of the Protomartyr on the album, the Ultimate Success of Today even further into the dark depths below. In open Day, Without End, this sounds like such a dark and mysterious saxophone. Great music for a sultry weekend.