This Saturday, a farewell Els. Ouderits out, ” Don’t Worry, Be Happy

b889417e2ca8a4c660c43f500b13cfcf - This Saturday, a farewell Els. Ouderits out, " Don't Worry, Be Happy

It will make Saturday an amazing day for the Davidson’s of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, they have to take namely, to say goodbye, mom Tags. Who died on the 4th of July from esophageal cancer. Over the past few years have been for the Els Ouderits a hell of a job, Alder-moisture to combat the disease seemed to be overcome, but then there was the great stone: and the disease came back.
Eddy and take the kids on Saturday bid farewell to their loved one, a goodbye that will be followed by the camera crew of the program, at the request of the Els itself, by the way.