Telefacts Zomer: a new face of Maurice

17d35bb0ae43ef1e4108553bd7859e11 - Telefacts Zomer: a new face of Maurice

On Thursday, the 16th of July at 21.55 bring Telefacts Summer time is a unique insight into the life of Maurice (64), and his surgeon, Daniel. For Maurice, was the time to just be quiet when he’s in a jachtongeluk disfigured himself in the face. A face transplantation is the only option, but it’s also a huge risk. He has less than a fifty per cent chance of the operation not only to survive, but it would still have to take our chances. Viewers will be taken into account during the process of a makeover, and this is a dangerous operation. How to cope with both the risks and the importance of this deal for them? “It needs to happen, and there is no plan B.”

Telefact of Summer, Thursday, July 16, at 21.55 on the VTM