Peter Evard on Him: “I did it as a joke’

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Peter Evrard is the Festival of fun. The winner of Idol in 2003 and has never been even a single episode of the show saw it. Easy to see why; he was in every episode and every live performance.

So, 17 years later, we hear from the winner of Idol in 2003, but Peter Evrard’m not complaining. He will tell you about the Festival and that he has web sites and web-based applications are creating. Furthermore, spells that he’s in the band 10 to the Rogue, that he’s a totally different music than what he was at that time in 2003, and sang. “Sorry, I don’t like my entry. I did it as a joke, but due to my victory, it is to be a successful joke can be understood. It was never my intention Sportpaleizen to fill up, even though I’ve been there a few times, and been on the podium.”