The Extra gig of Arno at rock Werchter

10c8c1ae9f4c9adf239d06630dda02ec - The Extra gig of Arno at rock Werchter

The series of concerts at the Rock Werchter festival for Live2020 summer bar will be greatly appreciated. Coronaproof the visitors are on a great concert. It is a little different, and it is getting used to it. Four-hundred concert-goers per show, bubbles, round tables, and at a safe distance from the others. It’s then the fun is not. It is a great atmosphere. It’s nice to relax in the summer bar.

The series of concerts on the 26th of July exit, the one show and has expanded. Arno will do a third on Friday, 24 July at 15.30! The concerts of the Arno river, on the 21st of July, 15h30 and 20h30 and Friday, 24 July at 20: 30 and were at any time sold-out. Tickets for the concert are today at 10 a.m. sale through and