Recordings, film, Dealer, Jeroen Perceval back to the start

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These are pictures from the DEALER, and the debut of Jeroen Perceval, reboot after they are halfway between closed n n.a.d. – the Covid is 19 and this moment. Exactly four months later, the desire is extremely large, and the crew, to the cast, he was eager to get back to work, and the rest of the movie to work. Of course, in full accordance with the Covid-19 protocol.

“I am very happy that we will be able to boot it because it had a strong mindfuck to be in the middle of a turning operation to stop, and do not know how and when we got back and could start over. Are you ready for the shoot and now have to finish without incident. As long as we follow the protocol of keeping, and the rest of Belgium and must be able to,” said Jeroen Perceval.

The cast is composed of the fourteen-year-old from Antwerp Sverre Rous, in the role of Johnny, Ben Segers, playing Antony, is a successful actor, Veerle Baetens plays the mother of Johnny, Bart is Dutch and is Pisa, the dealer’s hand. Also, Hannah Macpherson (Yousra), Abilagil Abraham (Tasha), Ayman Sitiane (Youssef), Muzafer Ipekci (Mario) and the Iliad Yaghmouri (Marwan) is a part of the cast. The Dutch actor, Poal Cairo, and is well-known from Good Times, Bad Times, and God the Los to play Romeo.