Real Madrid have a lead to defend against the keen Granada

e316b1f1e70dd36438c621733ef38e19 - Real Madrid have a lead to defend against the keen Granada

Real Madrid have a lead to defend against the keen Granada

13 July 2020 20:54
13-07-20 20:54
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the international football! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on the games in the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A.

  • International football
  • LIVE:
  • Granada-Real Madrid 1-2
  • Results:
  • Manchester United-Southampton 2-2
  • Internazionale Torino 3-1

Granada-Real Madrid-for a few seconds, geleden81 A “true scrimmage” for the purpose of Thibaut Courtois. The ball flies out in all directions, and the players of Granada, and Real Madrid have a game of wrestling, but at the last minute from the penalty area and the Real rate. Hustle and bustle of the day is calling you, for this is a 2-2-position.Internazionale, Torino · 5 hours ago

The club to second place in Serie A
The new runner-up in the Italian Serie A. The team from the Dutch international, Stefan de Free win in your own home, 3-1, from Torino, and in the second place, between results from the Map. “Inter would like to thank the victory over Torino in the first fifteen minutes of peace, which is a 0-1-deficit, is converted, in a 3-1-lead by goals from Ashley Young and Diego Godín, and Lautaro Martinez. Goalkeeper Handanovic is a huge mistake in a corner, even on the basis of the 0 to 1 on the Torino.Granada-Real Madrid-7 hours ago

Granada is the hope of the end is not yet defined. In fact, the number of ten of the La Liga set to the current front-runner, firmly under pressure. The win the stake championship swim meet on Thursday at Villarreal and is yet in danger, for Real, in the last fifteen minutes of the game?Granada-Real Madrid-26 minutes ago

Real’s goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, has his legs wide, and let himself into the short corner of the ports by the end of Darwin Machís of the city. There’s more in the tank for the home team, who will be in the second half, here appears to have been a lot more of a bite in?Granada-Real Madrid-32 minutes ago there isa 50′ GOAL in Granada. 1-2

Real Madrid are thinking of the match against Granada in the food field, to be able to finish it, but we think the home team will be completely different about it. Darwin Machís put in a powerful sprint, and was promoted to a splitting through ball to the goal. There is life in the plant.The 32-minute geledenInternazionale Torino · 36 minutes ago61′ GOAL in The club! 3-1

It is not yet known what will be in the coffee of The person at the time, but it’s easy to see that the players of the home team has been. Within a quarter of an hour after the rest bend to the squad by coach Antonio Conte and a 0-1-deficit into a 3-1-lead. Lautaro Martinez to increase the margin to two with a lucky shot distance, and that there were getoucheerd is a defender of Torino.Granada-Real-Madrid-36 minutes ago theKick-off! The ball is rolling once again, in Andalusia, in the second half of the Granada-Real Madrid. With the victory, Real may be in danger of coming, in view of the 0 to 2-track, and had the impression that Granada is in our own house.Premier League · 37 minutes ago

This is the position at the top of the Premier League after the late draw with Manchester United against Southampton:

  1. Liverpool (C) 35-93 (76-77)
  2. Manchester City’s 35-72 (91-34)
  3. Chelsea-35-60 (63-49)
  4. Leicester Is A City And A 35-59 (65-36)
  5. Manchester United, The 35-59 (61-35)
  6. Wolverhampton Wanderers 35-55 (48-37)

Manchester United-Southampton · 42 minutes ago

United, filling in extra time for third place
At Manchester United, filling in the extra time of the match against Southampton in third place in the Premier League. In the seventh minute of extra-time shoot-Michael Obafemi and the visitors are 2-2 against the English recordkampioen, which are also expensive items to do in the fight to get a ticket for the Champions League. Southampton is already brutal on the lead at Old Trafford, followed by Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial for peace, United for a victory, and seem to shoot it, until you fatal that he would rise.Manchester United-Southampton-four hours ago,90+7′ GOAL Southampton! 2-2

Michael Obafemi during the seventh minute of injury time for Southampton! The attacker only just got in and are working the ball from close in. There are going to be the third-place Manchester United.the one-hour geledenInternazionale-Also one hour ago, the51′ GOAL in The club! 2-1

What a turnaround from the First half. Diego Godin put the Milanezen for the first time in the lead with a brilliant header following a short corner.The Torino is one of hours ago –49′ GOAL in The club! 1-to-1

And whether or not the donderpreek of the Antonio Conte effect. The club has been coming early in the second half to line it up with the Torino. Ashley Young to clear the ball with a volley, destructive and against the ropes, and by the preparatory work of the highly sought-after Lautaro Martinez.Manchester United-Southampton one-hour geleden90 ” The game at Old Trafford and is just a few minutes of silence, due to an injury treatment for Dr. Williams, after a hard crash.The Also one hour ago, theKick-off! The ball is again in Milan for the second half of the Internazionale-Torino. It has another donderpreek of coach Antonio Conte, and now have an effect on the team? Inter will have at least a 0-1-deficit to make up on the second place in the Serie A to take over.Granada-Real Madrid, one hour ago

Peace of mind! Real Madrid can have all the gas back, and after an easy first half for the region. The team coach Zinedine Zidane is leading by 0-2, against an apathetic Granada through goals from Ferland Mendy and Karim Benzema. If Real, final, win of Granada, will play Thursday at home in the championship swim meet against Villarreal.the one-hour geledenGranada-Real-Madrid-four-hour geleden36′ Thibaut Courtois should be in action for Real Madrid. The goalkeeper and tapping in a header from captain Victor Dias from a free-kick from the corner.The Torino is one from an hour ago

Peace of mind! Coach Antonio Conte can lift up his voice again with The club, and after 45 minutes of watching his team in a 0-1-deficit, to at Torino. A player from Inter, is in charge of it, and then we’re talking, of course, about a goalkeeper, Samir Handanovic. The goalie let in a corner, just release and give the visitors a surprising lead in Milan, italy.Manchester United-Southampton · – one hour ago

In the second half, and was half way to Manchester United-Southampton. The home team’s lead with 2-1, but it was desperately in search of a third match in order for the game to get rid of the last of the tension. It is in the third place, even permanently, as a matter of fact.Granada-Real Madrid, one hour geledenReal Madrid is on tap and there happy to be on the los in the run-up to the 0 to 2-by Karim Benzema, but in Granada, explains to the leader of La Liga will also not be obstructed in any way.

What is the good of Real Madrid! 👏
Cisco 👉 Modric 👉 Sure To Let Us Know 👉 ⚽💥 #ZiggoSport #GranadaRealMadrid #LaLiga


AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:21 – July 13, 2020Granada Real Madrid, one hour ago

There is nothing or no one can be the Real Madrid of the 34th national championship, this seems to be the team to represent, and in the city. On Thursday the formation of a coach Zinedine Zidane to do the job, in the home match against Villarreal. With just two matches to play, the lead on the runner-up to FC Barcelona, and four points.the one-hour geledenGranada-Real-Madrid-four hours ago,16′ GOAL for Real Madrid! 0 to 2

Granada is rolling out the red carpet for the 34th national championship for Real Madrid. This Piece will get all the time and the space to the right, that the French striker will not do it, so they are now in the region. After more than a quarter of an hour play for Real to win, as well as the inside.The Also one-hour geledenZo was Samir Handanovic into the error Also, so the visitors are with 0 to 1 lead in Milan, italy.


Ohhhh, what a blunder by Handanovič! 🙈 Who is frightened is still very difficult to wake up during the night… 😭 #ZiggoSport #InterTorino #SerieA


AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:13 – July 13, 2020Granada-Real-Madrid-2 hours ago there isa 10′ GOAL for Real Madrid! From 0 to 1

What a gem of a goal by Ferland Mendy! The come up full goes to the penalty area of Granada, inside and shoots from an impossible angle, and it is close to the dead ball line aggressive touch to it with his left hand. Real Madrid has already asked for roses in the city.Manchester United-Southampton · 2 hours ago theKick-off! Also, at Old Trafford in the sound of the whistle for the second half of the Manchester United-Southampton. By expanding the team to the 2-1-lead to further out of, or Southampton again brutaals have in mind?The Turin · 2 hours ago –17′ GOAL in a Torino! From 0 to 1

What a blunder from The goalkeeper Handanovic. The goalie seems to be in a corner kick from the air to come in, but he allows the ball to just dissolve, and thereby provides to Andrea Belotti and don’t miss the opportunity of an empty goal. Deal with Free with The the purchase.A 2-hour geledenGranada-Real-Madrid-2 hours ago theKick-off! The ball is in Andalucia! Granada-Real Madrid have started. A win for the visitors, and this is a big step in the 34th national championship in club history?Granada-Real Madrid-2 hours ago

Sergio Ramos share his pal, and verdedigingspartner Raphael is looking forward to a high five for the kick-off in the city. Of course, there is a lot of work to be done in the Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes. With a win at Granada to play the Real Thursday, and the championship swim meet at home against Villarreal.Granada-Real Madrid-2 hours ago

Corona virus, the team bus to Real Madrid continues to be a sought after item for the soccer fans in Spain. And so, there about an hour ago crowds of people surrounding the car in order to catch a glimpse of the Real stars in the rear. At 22: 00, in the sound of the first whistle in the city.Manchester United-Southampton · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! After a spectacular first half to get to Manchester United and Southampton a well-deserved minutes of rest. The team is 2-1 in the lead at Old Trafford after Southampton frisky on the lead due to a goal from Stuart Armstrong. Marcus Rashford, and Anthony Martial is set to within a quarter of an hour in order to get the known home team. In this mode, the climbing, the team’s manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, to the third place in the Premier League.The Turin · 2 hours agoKick-off! Also, Stefan will be Free, with The club embarked on a major hunt to have a place of honor. The defender may, with the Nerazzurri with a victory at Torino, the second place in the Serie A to take over from the Holidays. Manages the team of coach Antonio Conte, are also?Manchester United-Southampton · 2 hours ago

His match against Southampton was Anthony Martial, fifty goal scorer in the Premier League. The Frenchman, who, in 2015, 60 million euros have been acquired from AS Monaco, had been 142 games for that.La Liga · 2 hours ago

The Young Seville, especially from the Champions League
Without having to play qualifying, Luuk de Jong, with Sevilla for the uefa Champions League. The number five is right next to lose at home 1-2 to Real Sociedad, and may be the number four of Sevilla, with two games to play, no longer intervene in the La Liga. Sevilla have played in 2018 and for the last time in the Champions League.Manchester United-Southampton · 2 hours ago

The main characters of the evening, at Manchester United: in Anthony Martial (1 goal, 1 assist) and Marcus Rashford (1, goal) guides to the English recordkampioen to a big lead against the middenmoter Southampton.Manchester United-Southampton · 2-hour geleden28′ Paul Pogba has enjoyed from its failure in the run-up to the 0 to 1, from Southampton, and it takes a goal from the visitors will be under attack. Neil McCarthy returns to the hard and low-bet from the Frenchman. Southampton is the get rid of for a imagine Manchester United.Manchester United-Southampton · 2 hours ago

And former coach, Sir Alex Ferguson can see it from the stands with a mask on – which is good. Manchester United is virtually a third place finish in the Premier League at the end of the season and gives you the right to take part in the Champions League.Manchester United-Southampton · 2 hours ago –23′ GOAL-Manchester United! 2-1

Only takes a minute to bow to Manchester United at a disadvantage to an advantage, and that is all thanks to Anthony Martial. The Frenchman, who put the turbo on and not have to keep track of the floundering defenders in Southampton, after which he will be ruthless with the trigger target. Manchester United, for the first time tonight, ahead of in your own home.Manchester United-Southampton · 2 hours ago –21′ GOAL-Manchester United! 1-to-1

Southampton have a couple of minutes to be able to enjoy the lead, as it is almost the same at Old Trafford. The 1-to-1 is the name of Marcus Rashford, but that has been the account for Anthony Martial is to be written. The Frenchman holds the ball beautifully, solid, and controls are already covered in the detached Rashford, who is close to simple, you can binnenschuiven. This is definitely promising for the rest of the game.Manchester United-Southampton · 2 hours ago

At the first opportunity it is already a strike for Southampton by Stuart Armstrong. There is a stunt in the air, in the empty Old Trafford, or to the right in the second half and the rest of the sixty minutes of back to back?Granada-Real Madrid-2 hours ago

For Real Madrid, from 22: 00 for a great time at the 34th title in the club history by winning at Granada. The team coach Zinedine Zidane with three matches to play, one point for the runner-up and arch-nemesis, FC Barcelona, and so the championship is almost a given. When the Pitch turns to be the captain, Sergio Ramos back from suspension. Eden Hazard starts on the bench.

Lineup For Real Madrid: Courtois; Carvajal, Is Looking Forward To Sergio Ramos, Mendy; Casemiro, Duckweed, Fede Valverde, Modrić, Isco; Benzema.Manchester United-Southampton · 2 hours ago there isa 12′ GOAL Southampton! From 0 to 1

There Is a surprise in the making at Old Trafford? In any case, at Southampton, against the ratio is in the lead, and that is all thanks to Paul Pogba, who is with the ball in his own half, just like that tackle on Danny Ings. Particular, find that Redmond, on the edge, and that presses the detached, Armstrong was tailor-made. Southampton lead against Manchester United.Manchester United-Southampton · 2-hour geleden10′ required a chance for Anthony Martial, who is alone on goalkeeper, paul McCarthy goes off, after a slip by Ward-Prowse. The Frenchman, who only shoot straight at McCarthy, and fail to do this at Manchester United the lead against Southampton.Manchester United-Southampton · a 3-hour geleden7′ Jubilaris, David De Gea (400 club) for the first time in the act. Southampton-to-back, Bertrand goes on to the left wing, but his cross lacks direction and ended up in the hands of the Spanish keeper of Manchester United.Manchester United-Southampton · a 3-hour geleden2′ of Manchester United shows what can be achieved in this game and will play on the attack with Bruno Fernandes as a driver and designer in the process. The Portuguese hit the ball from the side, only just at the bell, and Anthony Martial is to bring.Manchester United-Southampton · 3 hours ago, theKick-off! The ball is rolling at an empty Old Trafford! Manchester United started the match with Southampton. A win for the Red Devils again, and taking them to third place in the Premier League?Back to top

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