Last week the very Best of the Viewers watching on tv

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Nathalie Meskens show next week, along with Jens Dendoncker, Sam De Bruyn, An Lemmens and Thomas Smith, for the last time, for the funniest, biggest names and most memorable clips from the past eight seasons, the Best football team. From Monday 13th to Thursday 16th July to explore the VTM viewers at 21: 00 and the top-three movies of Jens, Sam, And Thomas.

“For 8 seasons and 75 episodes, the Best of Viewers and now at last, with the best of them. It was a real party!”, said Jens Dendoncker. Normal last year, due to the VTM’s audience award to the Best Viewers Award for the ‘funniest man in 2019’. And that he can deliver on Monday the 13th of July, in the very Best of the Views. In addition to quite a few funny fragments are selected in Proportion and will also be the most hilarious kattenfilmpjes, and he’s sharing the three medals to people who come to their job with extreme devotion, fill in the form. A day later, on Tuesday, the 14th of July, says Sam Carter, back in the last eight seasons of the Best football team. “Magic is, it certainly can be. So many episodes to get material out of it,” said Sam. In addition to their personal top 3 lists for Sam to even the most extraordinary weather, and the loss of membership.