Katja Schuurman will be open at daughter’s mental disorder,

1bf74aa4093b3a2d143154d4eef91a87 - Katja Schuurman will be open at daughter's mental disorder,

Katja Schuurman will be open at daughter’s mental disorder,

July 13, 2020 16:00
13-07-20 16:00
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Katja Schuurman believes that it is important to have in the direction of her ten-year-old daughter of Ashraf to be open about her mental illness. Which tells the story of the actress on Monday, in an interview with Linda.

Schuurman is struggling from a very young age, mood swings, and dwanggedachten, and there is normally medication. Then they have to go afbouwde in order to get pregnant, the mood swings hard to the inside. In particular to Frank (her husband, ed. that was pretty intense,” says Schuurman. “For Sammie, I have, for the most part able to get away, but it does to me every now and then is very hard to see the tears. That is, superkut, because I really am a strong person, but I can’t resist to offer.

“It is not all that it takes,” explains the 45-year-old Schuurman in. “In the end, I decided it was a part of my medication, the Cymbalta is to be taken. After that, there was peace and quiet in this area.”