From then on, Peter, the Veire’s Wheel, daily turning

b274503ecdcea96b05d2f5e6aa80c52c - From then on, Peter, the Veire's Wheel, daily turning

“Can I have a vowel, buy it, Peter?” From Monday, the 3rd of August, and again to your heart’s content, because It’s Rad is back with a vengeance. From Monday to Thursday, please let the presenter Peter Van de Veire a daily basis to three candidates to the city’s iconic casino, to word puzzles to solve, and in particular, great prizes to be won. With the passing gameshow of all time will be a solid update. One nineties-bling, but with a new wheel, a new logo, and a premium prijzenwinkel, well-known assistants, as well as a new opening tune is created by the successful Limburger a top dj hitmachine Regi Penxten. In the winter took up with the now iconic intro is in order for The Wheel to complete by 2020-proof.

In the winter time: “The Wheel Of Fortune was there for the first time on television in 1976, the year of my birth. I am a fully grown up with it. It was bliss to once again have to go back to my childhood in the studio and go for a 2.0 version of the opening tune. It would be great if this remake is as legendary as it is, as more than 44 years ago.”