Reactions to the derby between Tottenham and Arsenal (folded)

50100aa8900ff3ebdbf871cb03dc5a60 - Reactions to the derby between Tottenham and Arsenal (folded)

Reactions to the derby between Tottenham and Arsenal (folded)

July 12, 2020 17:23
12-07-20 17:23
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the international football! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on the games in the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga.

  • International football
  • LIVE:
  • Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal 2-1
  • Program:
  • 20: 00: Portsmouth-Leicester City
  • 21.45 hrs: Napoli-AC Milan
  • 22: 00: Sevilla-Real Mallorca

Still A · * * * a few hours ago

Real help on a Genoa with a free kick in the crucial victory
Lasse Schöne will help Then with a fine free-kick in a vital 2-0 win at hekkensluiter SPAL. The Dane curled the ball from a distance of 25 from the cross for the 2-0. The victory is Then the degradatiestreep in the Serie A. Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 6 hours ago

Alderweireld is the headline ‘Spurs’ to derbyzege at Arsenal
Toby Alderweireld has been the matchwinner in the North London Derby. The Belgian and ex-following his departure to chelsea and blasts it back to White hart lane in ten minutes, for a period of time to a 2-1 victory at arch rival Arsenal. The visitors, after more than a quarter of an hour to play, still in the lead thanks to a werelddoelpunt from Alexandre Lacazette, but for the rest it is the same in the North London Stadiom a hit Son Heung-min, after Alderweireld’s role on the rise. The win is Spurs are now eighth in the Premier League.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 9 minutes geleden90′ in The injury time, when Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal, amounts to about four minutes. Can Arsenal do something about the 2-1-behind?Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 10 hours ago

It was the second goal by Toby Alderweireld in the North London Derby. In 2016, he scored at Arsenal in a game that at 2-2 it ended. Now it looks like he will be the matchwinner too.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 16 hours ago

After the edge of the box by Toby Alderweireld is Steven Bergwijn on the field. The Dutch international will need to win in the North London Derby with Arsenal in the next ten minutes to secure.A 16-geledenTottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 19 minutes ago81′ GOAL until the Tottenham Hotspur! 2-1

At the ratio is back to White hart lane in the lead, and the old-following his departure to chelsea, Toby Alderweireld is the end. The Belgian defender, and blasts it with a corner kick from Son Heung-min, fast for the road. The word is now in the Arsenal.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 19 hours geleden81 On the other hand, He once again to the star when, at the end of the Field. The net has an answer in the house on the efforts of Harry Kane, who is smart, from the back, Mustafi was gone.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · a 20-minute geleden79, ” All the warning in the first half, comes from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The striker took a header right at the moment and the Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris should be extended to the far corner of the deployment of the Gabonees of time.Bournemouth-Leicester City · 21 minutes ago

Aké and Danjuma have to win sometimes and Leicester City
Nathan Aké, and Arnaut Danjuma Soon to tonight’s clash with Bournemouth to win at Leicester City for a little bit to be able to hold on to save their lives. The coastal towns are nineteen, six points from the safe in seventeenth place. Leicester City may be a good time to, While the Stage, as the team’s manager, Brendan Rodgers peurde, just six points out of the last three matches, and gave, therefore, in the third place.

Installation Bournemouth: Ramsdale; So, Aké, Kelly, With The Slope; The Brooks, Gosling, Lerma, Danjuma Soon; Solanke, Wilson.

Installation: Leicester City: Schmeichel; Söyüncü, Evans, Just As; Justin, Ndidi, Williams, Albrighton; Pérez; Iheanacho, Vardy Granted.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 28 minutes geleden71′ He means to Arsenal is back on its feet with a great salvation. It’s easy to reverse the efforts of Son Heung-min, after Harry Kane Mustafi is easy trumping.The 28-minute geledenTottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 37 minutes ago

For the rest, it has become a form of entertainment in the North London Derby is not a good way, because, in contrast to the first half of it is missing, it’s in the second act, to the opportunities, and the flashy attacks. It was shot at the bar, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was the moment, the only ray of hope.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · a 40-minute geleden59′ Bar! There is almost a touch of the Arsenal, and that walk from the dressing room, and is to come. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the end of a flowing attack to get the ball in a promising position on the bar.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · the one-hour geleden50′ Lucas Moura delves dangerously into the penalty area in the first half, after a splitting through ball from Harry Winks. The Former wants to be off the beaten track, but we encountered him on The defender Mustafi, who, in time, can be eliminated.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal-four hours ago, toKick-off! The roll back into the North London Stadium for the second half of the North London Derby. Both Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal for the viewers, thanks to a second half? And will there be a change in the 1-to-1-between?Series A, one hour ago,a 56′ GOAL, Then! 2-0

Lasse Schöne is doing fantastically at Genoa, in the kelderkraker at hekkensluiter SPAL. The Table displays its name. He fires a free-kick from at least 25 yards on a nice way up against the ropes.the one-hour geledenLeganés Perfectly one hour ago

Cillessen once again passed over for Valencia
Jasper Cillessen has seen better times in his professional career. The spain international has once again passed on to Valencia for the away game against Leganés (kick-off 19: 30). This is the second duel in a row that the Dutch international on the bench seat.

Drafting In Valencia: Domènech; Laundry Facilities, Internet Access, Diakhaby, Jaume Costa; Coquelin, Kondogbia, Parejo, Guedes; Gameiro, Maxi Gomez.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal one day ago

Peace of mind! After a spectacular first half, the score was still in balance, located in the North London Derby between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal. Thanks to a wereldgoal Alexandre Lacazette is coming to Arsenal, after more than a quarter of an hour to play the lead, but by the fumbling of a Sead Kolasinac gives Son Heung-min or 135 seconds, for the second half in the Spurs Stadium.Premier League-four-hour geledenDe the police, a person arrested for, the transmission of such messages, to Wilfried Zaha. It’s going to be a twelve-year-old (!) the boy, from Solihull, as reported to the West Midlands Police.

Woke up to this today.


AuteurWilfried ZahaMoment of plaatsen13:20 – July 12, 2020Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal fc · one-hour geleden40′ Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang should be to build a free-kick from over 20 metres away, and the rush of the first half to do that, not at all bad, either. The ball is only a small indicator along the post of the goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · the one-hour geleden37′ he looks to be at peace with one 1-by-1 mode, the rest and dig in for the remaining minutes of the first half, also side. A move to mls but the three lions should be in the game, but it fails to get a lot of chances to set up.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · the one-hour geleden31′ ‘What is Alexandre Lacazette, can, can, I, too, have Ben Davies must have thought when he got the ball in his left had. The full-of-White Head of at least 30 metres, devastating, however, in contrast to Lacazette, he finds it just doesn’t have it, but the bar on top of the Arsenal goalkeeper Martinez.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal one day ago

Exactly 135 seconds after the opening goal from Alexandre Lacazette puts Son Heung-min’s stand-in for the North London Derby is in the balance after a horrific mistake by Arsenal defender Sead Kolasinac. It is important for the South Korean move Against the age of ten competitiedoelpunt of the season, in which he has, for the fourth year in a row with double-digit goals.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

Still, let’s go back to the time of the game’s opening goal by Alexandre Lacazette on behalf of Arsenal fc. The Frenchman, who will shoot at least 25 yards away from a rocket, and let Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris absolutely no chance in the road. A goal of the seizoensoverzichten, however, is going to be picked up in the Premier League, but their value is lost after the 1-to-1 Son Heung-min.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 2 hours ago –19′ GOAL in the North London! 1-to-1

Once again, it’s the same in the North London Derby. Son Heung-min to intercept a poor breedtepass of Arsenal defender Sead Kolasinac, trumps, David Luiz, at-speed, and throws the ball beautifully over the goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez. For example, the wereldgoal Alexandre Lacazette soon cancelled out by a geblunder in The ministry of defence.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 2 hours ago –16′ GOAL Scored! From 0 to 1

What is a wereldgoal Alexandre Lacazette! The attacker in the first half remember no time when he has the ball at his feet, and it was at least 25 feet destructive with his right hand. The ball is going to collapse like a bridge in the intersection of the goal by Hugo Lloris. Arsenal is in the lead in the North London Derby.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · a 2-hour geleden13′ Arsenal, has a direct answer to a question in the house, after a great chance for Harry Kane. Héctor Bellerín gets rid on the right side in the first half of his opponents, and to operate a free-standing, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the box, but the striker place is completely wrong, and the brushes, the ball is just. Yet they’re still trailing.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · a 2-hour geleden10 ” Because it is the first big chance for Spurs. Lucas Moura’s place and Harry Kane is in with a great through ball through the air, only for the goalkeeper, but the wippertje of the Band has been seen by the Arsenal keeper Martinez. The striker has been waiting for more than two games to score a goal.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

The champions league holders appear to realize that there will have to be taken in the fight to get a ticket for European football, and has been the ruling party in the early stages of the North London Derby with Arsenal. The opportunities are there, but this has not yet been included in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 2 hours ago theKick-off! The ball is in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The North London Derby between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, is started for the first time without an audience.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

To dare is to do, it is clubmotto of a new Challenge, and one that fits the manager José Mourinho is normally referred to as a jacket. Just wish it weren’t real, either, with the team in the Premier League. What is it to him later on against Arsenal?Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

The eyes are on the champions league holders have been in the afternoon focused on aanvalsleider Harry Kane. The captain of the team, the manager, José Mourinho, is already two games in a row to dry, and then scored twice in the first five matches and after the appointment-a break.Premier League · 2 hours ago

Aston Villa’s keep hope for a miracle after win
Aston Villa’s keep hoping for a miracle to happen in the Premier League after a 2-0 win at Crystal Palace by Patrick Bolted. The club, Birmingham, with three more matches to go, four points behind the safe, the number is seventeen in the Premier League. Against Crystal Palace, which is Anwar El-Ghazi and a couple of minutes before wake-up time.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal is now a devalued competition between the number and eight of the champions League, but it is still not a long time ago there were two clubs are still on the rise. In 2004, ‘The Invincibles’ premier league champion ‘ to take note of rival Tottenham Hotspur. It was 2-2 at White Hart Lane.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 2 hours ago

The england striker has started the warm-up before the North London Derby with Arsenal. The team’s manager, Jose Mourinho is the tenth in the rankings, and it is, therefore, committed to in order to win in the battle for European football.the one-hour geledenPremier League · 2 hours ago

Hodgson will take it in for Zaha after a racist post
Crystal Palace’s new manager, Roy Hodgson, take on for Wilfried Zaha after a racist threat via social media to the Mix. In a racially tinged message, it was written that the head of the Crystal Palace, but did not score a goal. “This is completely unacceptable,” said Hodgson at the web-site of the Crystal Palace. “He will have to do this, and must be punished, because there are no excuses for it. He wants to be one of our best players from now to the olympics. It is absolutely inexcusable that this is the way to do it.”A 2-hour geledenTottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 3 hours ago

Bergwijn is passed in the ‘Right’ for the derby with Arsenal
Steven Bergwijn should be in the North London Derby between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal are provisionally as from the reserves to follow. The Dutch international has been passed up by the England manager, Jose Mourinho, for the encounter with the arch-nemesis (kick-off 17: 30). In addition Bergwijn is Jan Vertonghen on the bench. Old following his departure to chelsea Davinson Sánchez is preferred, in the heart of the defence.

Drawing Back To White Hart Lane: Lloris; Aurier, Alderweireld, Sanchez, Davies; Sissoko, Winks, Lo Celso; Lucas Moura, The Band, Son.

Establishment Of The Arsenal: Martinez; Mustafi, At, Kolasinac; Bellerín, Ceballos, Xhaka, Tierney, Pépé; Lacazette, Aubameyang.Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal · 3 hours ago

Normally it would be the derbykoorts an hour before the kick-off of the Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal will rise in and around the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, but due to the coronacrisis it’s quiet in the streets of London. At 17: 30 hrs roll-the-ball in the North London Derby.Premier League · 5 hours ago

Wolves at home is simple, along Everton
Wolverhampton Wanderers are doing great things in the battle for European football. Wolves win it in your own home 3-0 by Everton and it will increase to six in the Premier League. Catching up with the Chelsea’s, after 35 matches, five points.Premier League · 5 pm geledenHet the problem of racism is far from over… the Crystal Palace attacker Wilfried Zaha to share it on Twitter, in the context of the texts he received from a supporter of Aston Villa (click on the tweet from Zaha, for all of the screenshots). Aston Villa and Crystal Palace will meet in the afternoon at 15: 15.

Woke up to this today.


AuteurWilfried ZahaMoment of plaatsen13:20 – July 12, 2020Premier League · 6 hours of geleden1 Now there is a kick off in the Premier League. The match Wolverhampton-Everton, with Maarten Stekelenburg on the bench, it’s just begun. The team may be able to still engage in the battle for a Champions League ticket.La Liga · 7 hours agoGriezmann misses the next duel in Barcelona
FC Barcelona will have more news on Griezmann. The Frenchman, who has a muscle injury and will therefore, in any case, it’s the next game on Thursday against Osasuna) is not in the selection. It is not known when he will be back in action.

❗[LATEST NEWS] the Tests this morning have shown that Antoine Griezmann has had a quadriceps muscle injury in his right leg. It is not available for selection, and the evolution of the injury will condition its availability.


AuteurFC BarcelonaMoment of plaatsen11:48 pm – July 12, 2020La League · 8 hours ago

A player who is halfway through, however, remained in the dressing room, it was Antoine Griezmann. The French attacker has played for a clumsy first half, which he holds for an open goal, the ball is going off. In accordance with Setién was, however, that nothing in the bill to make it. “He’s had problems with his thigh, and asked for it to be in order. It’s an injury that will be further explored.” (2/2) – La Liga · 8 hours ago

Setién: mediocre game, and Barcelona due to fatigue
Quique Setién will notice that in a jam-packed program, in La Liga there is a lot of work in hits for the players. The coach of FC Barcelona, will see it as an explanation for the difficulty from 0 to 1-uitzege yesterday at Real Valladolid. “At the end of the game, you saw that the team was a little tired,” said Setién, who could not have injured Frenkie de Jong. “It was less than 72 hours between this contest and the previous one against Espanyol. In addition, it was very, very hot. You can see a lot of players are not there any more.” (1 and 2)Series A · * 10 hours ago

Atlanta-the coach is furious about the penalty his side’s win over
Gian Piero Gasperini, the coach, in this Context, does not have a good word to say about the way in which They we will be in the game with his team (2-2) two times, a penalty was given. And both times it was a matter of the hands, (or not very unhappy). “The rules are, but from my point of view it’s a heresy. We have our own way of defending, to make a change? Yes, we have our arms cut off. It’s just an interpretation, and it is in all of the competitions will be different. There must be something to change it.”Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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