Reactions after the draw between Juventus and Atalanta (closed)

c9125937fdf8210a18fe5ea34b753918 - Reactions after the draw between Juventus and Atalanta (closed)

Reactions after the draw between Juventus and Atalanta (closed)

July 11, 2020 15:41
11-07-20 15:41
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the international football! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I am aware of the fixtures in the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga on this Saturday.

  • International football
  • Results:
  • Liverpool-Burnley 1-To-1
  • Lazio-Sassuolo 1-2
  • Sheffield-Chelsea 3-0
  • Real Valladolid-FC Barcelona, 0-1
  • Brighton-Manchester City 0-5
  • Juventus-Atalanta 2-2

Real Valladolid-FC Barcelona · 10 minutes ago

‘Griezmann nated for his actions’
Antoine Griezmann has to be in the peace and quiet of Real Valladolid and FC Barcelona to a bill of exchange is requested. That said coach Quique Setién after the end of the 0 to 1 won the battle. “He was feeling uncomfortable, so he laminated himself, because he is so below his level and played,” said Setién. Griezmann, who is in last year of 120 million euro of which came from Atlético Madrid, and was waving it under the other in a privileged position to have a ball.Atlético Madrid vs Real Betis 15 minutes ago,74′ GOAL in Atlético Madrid! 1-0

After two disallowed goals in a row, it is to finally touch the Trophy in Madrid. Douglas Costa’s move to the discharge opening goal on the scoreboard.A 15-minute geledenJuventus-Eu · 18 hours ago

This is the position in the Serie A after a 2-2 with Juventus-Atalanta:

  1. The 32-76-a (67-32)
  2. B 32-68 (68-35)
  3. In this context, the 32-67 (87-41)
  4. The 31-65 (65-33)
  5. AS Roma’s 32-54 (59-43)

Juventus-Atalanta · 22 hours ago

They escape thanks to a penalty-Ronaldo
The turn in the slotminuut to a costly defeat against the rival Atlanta. The club from Turin will be a second penalty kick due to a handsbal, and that is being exploited by Real Madrid: 2-2. In this context it comes up once or twice ahead of, through, Duván Zapata, and Ruslan Malinovsky, but it takes the Right from the dot of the state in the end. Leading The competition by a late tie with a lead of eight points on the runner-up to Rome.Juventus-Atalanta · 26 mins ago –a 90′ GOAL in his side’s win over! 2-2

Cristiano Ronaldo may be to re-create a bit of an easy penalty kick and makes it, of course, is not a mistake. He turns to a costly defeat to The serie a champions, with his 28th goal of the season.Juventus-Atalanta · a 26-minute geleden89′ a Penalty for Juventus! Once again, given The competition, a penalty kick due to a handsbal of the Eu. Luis Muriel puts out his arm to take something from it and to be there to be unhappy in.Juventus-Atalanta · in 27 minutes of geleden88′ Cristiano Ronaldo should be to build a free-kick from about 30 yards, and shoot hard and low. Using, one foot in the Eu-the wall is going to hit the ball just next to them.The 27-minute geledenJuventus-Atlanta · 35 minutes ago,81′ GOAL ” in this Context! 1-2

Is in this Context seem to stunt in Turin? Ruslan Malinovsky pegelt the ball in the short corner and leave The goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny no chance. They have ten minutes to take the threat of defeat to them.Juventus-Atalanta · in 38 minutes-geleden77′ Right! The Portuguese is now close to his second of the night after the ball, good in the air and enjoying it, but Atalanta goalkeeper Gollini will be a hard shot.Juventus-Atalanta · a 40-minute geleden75′ It is in this Context almost on the edge. This Is a glide path to the touch and offers a chance to the visitors by Ruslan Malinovsky, but it’s a shoot-the-ball, a little meter next to it. Will there be a winner in Turin?The Atlanta one-hour geleden70′ Special: Paulo Dybala is one of the few Juventus players to have to level up, it is once again changed by coach Maurizio Sarri. Powerhouse Gonzalo Higuaín will take his / her place.The Eu one day ago

The goal of Cristiano Ronaldo against Atalanta, it was his 22nd goal in his last eighteen league games for The serie a champions.the one-hour geledenJuventus-in this Context-four hours ago,55′ GOAL in The competition! 1-to-1

Cristiano Ronaldo makes no mistake from 11-metres, and follow the kiezelhard up against the ropes. It’s already the 27th competitietreffer, the Portuguese superstar this season.The Atlanta one-hour geleden54′ a Penalty for Juventus! Too bad for Marten de Roon, who put the ball in the penalty area but is unhappy at his arm and was shot by Paulo Dybala. The referee is pointing firmly towards the spot, where Cristiano Ronaldo, allowed to play anymore.Atlético Madrid-Real-Betis-four hours ago

Peace of mind! Atlético Madrid have, as yet, a lot of bad luck against Real Betis. The team of coach Diego Simeone saw two of the goals scored by the at-risk (VAR disallowed due to offside.Brighton-Manchester-City-four-hours-ago

Sterling seizes the title role in the amazing City
Raheem Sterling get the leading role in the Manchester City with a 5-0 victory against the middenmoter Brighton & Hove Albion. The attacker was with three goals, including two in the head. The team manager Josep Guardiola is leading at half with 0-2. In the other matches to come in the name of Gabriel, Jesus, and Bernardo Silva.The Eu-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball is rolling once again on Turin in the second half of The Eu. Going to Atlanta to do the same, is convincing as a foot rest? Or do They now have an answer to the speedy game play of the club, the City, which, with a 0-1 lead?the one-hour geledenBrighton-Manchester-City-four-hours ago,81′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 0-5

Raheem Sterling, making his hat-trick to complete, but the question is not how to do it. The attacker is already on the ground, as if he was a fly ball with his head to rise, and the toys will roll through the legs of the goalkeeper, from Brighton, across the goal line.The Eu one day ago

Peace of mind! At the heart of the soccer needs of a leap to have made of the situation of the Eu in the first half against The serie a champions. Play Free play Been the frontrunner all the way, and it leads to more then it deserved with 0-1 by a goal of Duván Zapata. What is a host for the Dutch international Hans Hateboer, and Marten de Roon.Atlético Madrid-Real Betis · 2 hours ago –22′ – Goal disallowed! Atlético Madrid are thinking to start to come through, Angel Correa, but the value at risk takes the view that the Argentine attacker is in an offside position before he was finished.The Context · a 2-hour geleden33′ is A work of art of sao Paulo Dybala. The Argentine technician, is enjoying a high pass from the midfield, with his right hand out of the air, and volleert right, with his left hand. The ball goes wide off, but just for the action alone, it is worth mentioning.Juventus-Atalanta · 2 hours ago

In this context, there was, in the first half hour is a great game and is leading The competition in all the ways of the master, culminating in the opening goal by Duván Zapata. The team from the City, this season is all of the revelation of the Serie A, as a publicity stunt out in Turin?A 2-hour geledenBrighton-Manchester City · 2 hours ago –57′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 0 to 4

Brighton & Hove Albion, and, especially, to neil and Ryan to play tonight, in time for Christmas. Ryan gets in a shot from Bernardo Silva is not under the control of, and the Portuguese in the article and don’t miss the opportunity to get.Brighton-Manchester City · 2 hours ago53′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 0 to 3

It was the night of Raheem Sterling. The former is not often the easy one to the head, but for now, the headline he did on his second of the night, inside, at, Brighton & Hove Albion, in reference to Riyad Mahrez.Juventus-Atalanta · 2 hours ago

What is a droomstart for Marten de Roon is with in this Context, is that They are completely imposing his will upon it and deservedly lead by a goal scored by Duván Zapata. They come in their own homes, the total is not taken into account.The Context · a 2-hour geleden18′ This Is coming down hard on the ground, and it feels right on his shoulder. That doesn’t look good for the Dutch international. After an injury treatment he’d be able to continue.Juventus-Atalanta · 2 hours ago –16′ GOAL ” in this Context! From 0 to 1

Atlanta is right on the edge against The competition. Duván Zapata dives on the way out of the back of This Is that iraq with ptsd by Alejandro Gomez, and his kiezelhard in the far corner.The Context · a 2-hour geleden12′ in this Context should take the initiative from The competition and will be notified by Josip Ilicic with a free schietkans. The Go envisages that the ball is just a little machine next to it. They are just as disturbed by the attacking play of the visitors.The Context · a 2-hour geleden6 ” Because it is the first opportunity of the game, and that is the name of the Context. Side walk smartly away from the smell of This, but his header lacks power and direction.Brighton-Manchester City · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! The Manager, Josep Guardiola with a big smile on our faces with a cup of tea, because his team is leading at half with a 0-2 against Brighton & Hove Albion, thanks to goals from strikers, Raheem Sterling and Gabriel, Jesus.Juventus-Atalanta · 2 hours ago theKick-off! The ball is rolling on in Turin, italy. The top of the Serie A between Juventus and Atalanta was all started.Brighton-Manchester City · 2 hours ago –44′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 0 to 2

Manchester City will throw the game for the rest is already in the slot. Rodri extend to a corner, and Gabriel, Jesus is working on the second pole is simple in. Davy Pröpper with Brighton for a failure to occur.Juventus-Atalanta · 2 hours ago

Robin Gosens-old player of Heracles Almelo-FC Dordrecht, the netherlands, has been injured, crashed in the warm-up of the Eu and it’s not going to do the top up with The competition. The Belgian-Timothy Castagne takes his place.Juventus-Atalanta · 2 hours ago

This is the position at the top of the Serie A prior to The Context:

  1. The 31-75 (65-30)
  2. B 32-68 (68-35)
  3. In this context the 31-66 (85-39)
  4. The 31-65 (65-33)
  5. AS Roma’s 32-54 (59-43)

Brighton-Manchester City · 2-hour geleden37′, Riyad Mahrez fails to comply with the final disastrous to the parts of Birghton. From there, slide to the linksbenige right, the ball flies past the wrong side of the road.Juventus-Atalanta · 2 hours ago

This Is has been a while, finally arrived at the Allianz Stadium, the winner of The competition with the Eu. The defender will return to Turin, back from a suspension.Brescia-AS Roma · 3 hours ago

AS Roma’s books-simple, to win at Brescia.
AS the Roma make no mistake the fight for a ticket to the group stage of the Europa League. The Romans won with 0-3 on laagvlieger Away. All of the goals to fall to rest. Justin Kluivert is the all-match, on the sofa, to the number five in the Series. Real Valladolid-FC Barcelona · 3 hours ago

FC Barcelona will win close to Real Valladolid.
FC Barcelona booked a narrow victory at Real Valladolid. The team of the embattled coach Quique Setién to win with the 0-1, the number fourteen of the La Liga due to a run of Arturo Vidal in the first half. Thanks to the victory of Real Madrid on Monday is not to be the champion of Spain. Just as FC Barcelona is not going to win, and that was the case.Real Valladolid-FC Barcelona · 3 hours geleden90′, FC Barcelona’s goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen will need to take advantage of FC Barcelona’s defence. The goalkeeper saves the short corner with a shot from Sandro Ramirez. Four minutes of stoppage time in the city of Valladolid.Brighton-Manchester City · 3 hours ago –21′ GOAL Manchester City!!! From 0 to 1

There is already a strike for Manchester City. The visitors put up a gear to hit the ball on the half of london, and then get the ball to the feet of Raheem Sterling comes in. The attacker changes his mind and passes the ball in better way in the far corner.Brighton-Manchester City · 3 hours ago

It is a one-way street for the champions league for Brighton & Hove Albion in the first quarter, but Manchester City is the goal of the coastal towns have no fire with them. The team manager Josep Guardiola will have the patience to have to use the blue wall to destroy it.Atlético Madrid-Real Betis · 3 hours ago

Atlético Madrid tonight in a victory against Real Betis, the places for the Champions League. These guys will have it tonight, starting at 22: 00 for coach Diego Simeone.

Preparation Atlético Madrid, Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Hermoso, B; Thomas, Saúl; Correa, Llorente, Koke; Morata.Brescia-AS Roma · 3 hours ago,74′ GOAL AS Roma! 0 to 3

And to close for Brescia against Roma. To the Romans, to lift the margin to three, thanks to a goal by Nicolo Zaniolo, his first time in a long time of injuries.Real Valladolid-FC Barcelona · 3 hours ago

We’ll have to wait until Both Sides have once again, his magic touch, because FC Barcelona is not doing there are only a few of them in the second half against Real Valladolid. In the second half and even get a few opportunities in the second half, as the Catalans are kind of played into the vulnerable line of defense.Back to top

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