Lolbroek Suurbier was the first modern play

3668018eeb064401332efba55a5ed8de - Lolbroek Suurbier was the first modern play

Lolbroek Suurbier was the first modern play

July 12, 2020 20:29
12-07-20 at 20:29
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Wim Suurbier to lose to the English football and perhaps the best right back ever. The Ajax icon, passed away at the age of 75 as a result of a brain hemorrhage.

The natural born citizen of eindhoven have had their greatest successes with Ajax amsterdam, in 1964 he made his debut. He was a member of the glorious past of Amsterdam, and won the 1971 and 1973, three times in a row and the european cup I, and a total of seven league titles. He came up to 509 games for the Locals. The only Jack We played, in one way or another. Well, he is sixty times the t-shirt from the Orange.

Suurbier was not only known for his game on the field. Also, off the field, he was a remarkable occurrence, that the term ” kleedkamerhumor seems to have been invented. Especially with team-mate Ruud Krol, he pulled out the necessary things from it. It gave the duo the nickname ” Snabbel, and Chat on.