Herman Verbruggen commented: “The Champions are not yet gone

Herman Verbruggen commented: "The Champions are not yet gone

It is an interview with Jaak Van Assche in a local Newspaper has set in motion. Jaak Van Assche was in the newspaper on Saturday, said that the cast of ‘FC De Kampioenen’ in the meantime, two more times with each other, which have only recently been done. Together, they will decide what they think will be the future of the “FC The Champions” after the death of actor Johnny Voners might look like. “We have to have something to put down on paper, and it is up to the belgian to make this judgment,” said Jaak Van Assche in the weekendkrant. “It’s not like we have the green light, the VRT is just in a deep fog. They will provide you with the money and the facilities, and, therefore, have a critical voice.”

Meanwhile, it tapped The local Newspaper for other actors, the only the Herman Verbruggen wanted to have a small effect. “I have nothing to say, but The Champions have not gone away, and if you can be calm.” And the belgian has responded to the news: “We’d love to have a good plan, the outcome will be, but it’s still a little early for the details, sounds like it’s right there.