Glennis Grace picks up the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theatre

4775e122d6aedef8b164d5432d60d526 - Glennis Grace picks up the Studio 100's Pop-Up Theatre

“It was my first show and for the last 4 months, or maybe a little longer. It feels good to be back on the podium again, and again, to be able to sing again. I am very grateful for your efforts. “Thank you,” as it began, the Dutch superstar Glennis Grace Friday night, at her concert at the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theatre. The 42-year-old, from Amsterdam, who grew up in the Netherlands to Jordan, and won, as Whitney Houston at the age of 16 in the Soundmixshow. That earned her a record deal, but her first single, “I’m Gonna Be Strong”, which in 1995 came out, it was just as well as her debut album, ‘Real Experience’ is just a footnote in the history of music. In the years that followed, she was standing in the spotlight, with guest appearances by several artists, (e.a. at the Top, Gordon and Rene Froger), represented them on the Door, and she had a guest role in the popular television series, Coast. Her big break-through achieved Glennis when she was 9 years ago, it was part of the tv-show ‘The Best Singers’. Her version of Volumnia classic, ‘Goodbye’, scored them a monsterhit.

Insiders describe her as “one of the best singers in the world, a state that she was 2 years ago and intensified after she participated in ‘America’s Got Talent,” where she, as a finalist in the ‘top 5’ level. Is that Flanders, Glennis Grace, love, it was Friday night once again evident, with the 2 nearly sold-out concerts, which House of Entertainment, with its organized in a Pop-Up Theatre, the Studio 100. With the ‘If you were me, seeing that’, the stunning singer on the stage, surrounded by her musicians. Then, she presented her version of the well-Appointed Lipa’s ‘Be The One’, a track that seamlessly transformed into the wonderful ‘Love Will Save The Day ” by her idol, Whitney Houston. Their mouths fell open in surprise, as Glennis has continued once again with a strong performance. We have to remember for her brilliant versions of ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’ (Amy Winehouse), “Man Down” (Rihanna) and her goose bumps all over-a version of the Sam Cooke classic ” A Change Is Gonna Come’.