‘Whoppie and the Floppie’s Wonderland” opening of the doors of the Zuiderkroon

07121f8f958a10ac8dee98c266a64da9 - 'Whoppie and the Floppie's Wonderland" opening of the doors of the Zuiderkroon

It’s going to be hard for the popular konijnenduo Whoppie and to Floppie! After the very-public favorites for the past few weeks and months, from their point of konijnenkot a few nice plays, beautiful coloring, and even have their own website with a funny video, catchy sing-and, of course, all of the plays, and a coloring book will launch at the coronasleur to break it, may be they are now proud to announce that they are in addition to the first, their own Whoppie and the Floppie show, from the 31st of July, a truly private ‘Wonderland’ on them!

You heard that right, once they are in the sprookjesmusicals ‘red riding hood’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and ‘The Princess and the Toverspiegel’ in the hearts and minds of the young and the old managed to win eight in a Music Hall, the square root is not only ready for a fun-filled show with Whoppie and the Floppie is the absolute star, the producer, the capability of the Antwerp Zuiderkroon even have to be a complete Whoppie and the Floppie’s’Wonderland’!

“‘Whoppie and the Floppie’s Wonderland is the ultimate sprookjesbeleving,” says Geert Allaert, CEO of the Music Hall. “That experience starts with the welcoming reception in the town brewery-restaurant ‘t Pakhuis, is located at a stone’s throw from the Zuiderkroon. After the reception there will be, according to the current guidelines are limited to the public at the Zuiderkroon is immersed in a ‘Whoppie and the Floppie’s’Wonderland’.”

“In the lobby of the Zuiderkroon 7 will have separate mini-theaters house, where the young and the old in a fun and exciting way to know will be dealing with a different, well-known fairy tale,” said executive producer and music composer Chris Van Tongelen. “That fairy tales are ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘little red riding hood’, ‘Puss in boots’, ‘Rapunzel’, ‘Rapunzel’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘The Princess and the Toverspiegel’. There is a continuous succession, with the audience divided up into groups, each mini-theater.”

“After all of the groups, the nice ride along the 7-fairy tales, finished, everyone, together, are expected at the top of the main hall, the Zuiderkroon, where we have an unparalleled konijnenduo Whoppie and the Floppie, will star in their own show,” adds the director and the author Brigitte Derks is on. “I’m not allowed on them is not too much to say about this, but for the children, parents and grand-parents may have arnhem to be a great show, including a delicious picnic lunch, it is necessary to the lush West-Flemish squabble, fun, songs, dancing dances, and have a sense of humour to keep our fingers crossed, and legs rid of them!”