Jérôme: “and If I’m at home cooking, it is more of a rage”

Jérôme: "and If I'm at home cooking, it is more of a rage"

Jérôme located in the kerstaflevering of the Bake-Off in Flanders, not far from it. The joker should be in the software, on the other hand, experience, as a result of the kindereditie. There is already a test shot, place, and Jérôme went wide eyes when he came to the firings of the children, and admired.

“Make no mistake about it, the level that the children will be… there with my mouth open. With the Remus (almost 5) and I bake sometimes, but this particular shortbread is for morons. And when I’m at home cooking, it’s mostly anger,” he explains in The News.