Dana Winner at the Radio 2: “do you think I’m here for some shit to go running?”

Dana Winner at the Radio 2: "do you think I'm here for some shit to go running?"

Dana Winner Saturday as the guest of the morning program on the Siska Schoeters on Radio 2. Also, Maarten Vangramberen and was in the program as a guest he is brought out of a walnut tree into the garden from the waffle house. “We had one with a huge root ball attached to it. We have over 15 years ago, bought a house, and then we have a notenboon will be planted, approximately, also of the same size. Now, that is a very beautiful tree. Everyone in our family comes to visit, is excited as she is to the tree. We have two hanging chairs in the tree, which is a very useful tree, because the fruit will arrive. The nuts are a bit oily and calorie-rich, are delicious and very healthy to eat. And, not least, a walnut tree provides shade. If you have a walnut, sit down now, the summers are always hot, and hotter, and below, it is always up to something cool. And they’re hunting, in addition, also, the mosquitoes are gone,” says Maarten Vangramberen.