Tourist LeMC shall, concerts

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The probability that a Tourist LeMC the following week, yet at the Rivierenhof, it would be able to act, there was, but it was a very small one. And now, the likelihood of that happening is 0%, and the lead singer has to bite the bullet, and this for a long time, but does not occur in the Rivierenhof. The three concerts will be the summer of 2021. Already on the 28th, 29th and 30th of June, he was in Deurne, the netherlands. “There’s enough time for us to prepare for what is once again, legendary nights, which promise to be in the shadow of the city. Even though it is still a good-ones years of waiting, the date is in the form of fat were noted, and the promise, let no one separate. We hope to see you there,” he writes, Tourist LeMC, on Instagram.