Music suggestions for the week-end (part of 15)

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Every Friday, we provide you with quite a few musical tips for the weekend to come. At this time, we have new music from artists like Rufus Wainwright, Future Islands, and Margo Price.

Future Islands

It’s been 3 years since Future Islands album came out. Very happy to have this week of a new job came along. The band has become a fourth member of the group, and will be given on the first single For Sure will be stronger than ever. To be a successful comeback.

Kid Cudi & Eminem

Two of the greats of the rap, together on one single. Kid Cudi kicks off, but Eminem steals the show. In the lyric video for the song, hear it, and you’ll see just how brilliant the Slim Shady has been using the language. In addition to the usual grandeur, he says, also have useful things to say about the case in and around George on the Cover.

New album releases

This week, there are quite a lot of the album was released, that’s the trouble of it is worth listening to. We’re sharing will always be a link to a Spotify, but do you prefer one of the other media, find the album to them. If that’s you and you like them, head over to your local record store, to release the album on vinyl or CD, buy it.

Rufus Wainwright

After some excursions in the direction of classical music is that Rufus Wainwright in the rock and roll.” The album will Unfollow the Rules, it sounds summery and light-hearted, and a little less bombastic than what we are used to. Everything is beautifully balanced and very well thought out.

Margo Price

Margo Price, one of the many, many young women who are a breath of fresh air let into the country. Though it might be good to have the label as a country have to let go of it on this album. Listen to it yourself. Margo Price shows is not going to be in one box and stop.

Julianna Barwick

Even so, lady, that is not so easy for a label to release the paste. Julianna Barwick is maybe the best composer, to name a few. Her work in sound as a mix of ambient and classical music. Relaxing, magical, and at the same time, both exciting and unexpected. Guests on the album include singer, Jonsí, and harpist Mary Lattimore.

My Morning Jacket

After 5 years, there is a new album from My Morning Jacket. Not all of the songs are completely new, but for what it is.

Asher Gamedze

Jazz lovers come in this weekend, lovers of the work of South African drummer, Asher Gamedze. Along with the combo consists of a bass player, saxophone player, and trumpet player, let Gamedze, an exciting and innovative free jazz. Occasionally, you will hear the vocals of the singer and Nono Nkoane.

Lonnie Holley

Those who want something more experimental, the music wants to be, you can contact with Lonnie Holley. He knows all the blues, all their own spin. Thanks to his unique voice, and the fact that the Holley is a little note of traditional song structures.