The striker escaped in the slotminuut to the backlog, thanks to a VAR

4a58285370b30d5d88cda078c6c38133 - The striker escaped in the slotminuut to the backlog, thanks to a VAR

The striker escaped in the slotminuut to the backlog, thanks to a VAR

09 July, 2020 18:57
09-07-20 at 18:57
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the international football! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on the games in the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga.

  • International football
  • LIVE:
  • Portsmouth-Tottenham 0-0
  • Program:
  • 21.15 pm: Aston Villa-Manchester United
  • 21.45 hrs: Hellas Verona-Internazionale
  • 22: 00: Atlethic Club, Sevilla

Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden90, ” The extra time to Rest-back to White hart lane is less than twelve minutes, because of the long-blessurehandeling Adam Smith of Bournemouth at the start of the second half.Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur · a 2-minute geleden90′ Goal at Portsmouth, rejected!

Here it is, the value at risk with a move, and be outside of manager Jose Mourinho still had a good mood. The videoscheidsrechter to see that Callum Wilson’s hands, as he quietly does. Here is a move to a good start.Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur · 4 minutes ago –90 minutes, GOAL is Rest! 1-0

Tottenham Hotspur are going to continue at the top of the Premier League in sacks and bags, for, Rest, come up against the aspect ratio in the lead. Callum Wilson scores with a bicycle kick, but he had no hands in advance? The value is going to go through the images.Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur · 24 minutes ago

Jose Mourinho can say whatever he wants, but the evidence does not seem to be the countries with the players. Tottenham Hotspur is in a very poor performance, working at laagvlieger Bournemouth, where Nathan Aké are the star when it is with solid science.24-geledenBournemouth-Tottenham Hotspur · the 32-minute geleden60 ” The game is all of minutes of silence, in the While Stage, due to a serious injury to Adam Smith of Bournemouth is in a collision. It doesn’t look good for the 29-year-old right back. He will need a stretcher on the field to be used.La Liga · 34 minutes ago

Vinícius Júnior test is still negative after the testprobleem
Vinícius Júnior does is still be a part of the clash of Real Madrid in the away game, tomorrow against the Álaves. The Former, which is today tested negative for the corona virus, once you have had problems with the last test as coach Zinedine Zidane know in his press conference. Real Madrid’s lead in La Liga and with a game less played, with one point more than the runner-up to FC Barcelona.Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur · 44 minutes ago

This was one of the last achievements in the area of Steven Bergwijn, in the aftermath of the England Side against the Rest. The 22-year-old attacker, was not to convince you, and you for manager Jose Mourinho in the wrong place.Portsmouth-Spurs-four-hour geledenTottenham Side’s manager, José Mourinho has the rest intervention after a poor first-half at Bournemouth, and there is Steven Bergwijn is the victim of them. He should be making way for Son Heung-min. Also, Our Ndombele for Giovani Lo Celso.The Premier League one day ago

In the other early-crowded evening match in the Premier League, between Everton and Southampton, is in the idle state 1-to-1. Danny, in Particular, turn off at Southampton by the age of nineteen competitietreffer of the season, in the lead, but at the start of a still Richarlison of the state, on behalf of Everton in the end.the one-hour geledenBournemouth-back to White hart lane one day ago

Peace of mind! Nathan Aké is still the winner as the Dutch encounter with Steven Bergwijn. Bournemouth rejects it as a game, and dug themselves in in their own half, giving Tottenham Hotspur’s barely room to get. The team’s manager, José Mourinho absent, it’s sure to ingenuity and imagination. Bournemouth will be in the slotminuut of the first half, the best chance of the match through a Junior Stanislas, but Hugo Lloris with a final effort, his goal is to be clean.Portsmouth-Spurs-four-hour geleden28, ” It’ll have to wait for opportunities and attack them in the Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur. The striker could not convince at the defensive Rest, that is, to their heart’s content when in their own half, and lie in wait for a counter.Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur · 2 hours ago

A well-known sight along the line: Tottenham Hotspur’s manager Jose Mourinho spits his venom at-risk (VAR) – after-Harry Kane is a penalty for a strong push in the penalty area. The Portuguese is going to fail wrong means trainersstoel.Serie A 2 hours ago

In Italy, from 19: 30 hours two players in action. Centrumverdediger Bram Nuytinck and fullback Marvin Zeegelaar with Udinese at hekkensluiter SPAL is a major step forward in the fight for self-preservation in the Series. Hidde ter Avest start on the bench for the club in Udine, which is the fifteenth state.Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur · a 2-hour geleden3′ we had the first real opportunity for Roberto Mancini. Serge Aurier slingt the ball in dangerous and Bournemouth defender Adam Smith for the ball in front of his own goal for a corner to handle.A 2-hour geledenPremier League · 2 hours ago

Kick-off! After the well-known knielgebaar roll the ball in the Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur! May, Steven Bergwijn again have an impact on the home team? Also, Everton-Southampton is on the way.Premier League · 2 hours ago

This is the position in the linkerrijtje in the Premier League:

  1. Liverpool’s 34-92 (75-26)
  2. Manchester City-34-69 (86-34)
  3. Chelsea’s 34-60 (63-46)
  4. Leicester Is A City And A 34-59 (64-32)
  5. Manchester United’s 33-55 (56-33)
  6. Wolverhampton Wanderers 34-52 (45-37)
  7. Sheffield United, The 34-51 (35-33)
  8. Arsenal’s 34-50 (50-42)
  9. Burnley’s 34-49 (38-46)
  10. Tottenham Hotspur’s 34-48 (52-44)

Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur · 2 hours ago

Tottenham Hotspur’s manager, José Mourinho, can tonight and not have to have Eric the Animal. The 26-year-old midfielder was yesterday in the four matches * suspended by the English football association after he was in the stands, furious and the story was going to get on a ship that his brother had been insulted. A physical confrontation was the last thing on this particular 4th of march, after the FA Cup match against Norwich City, lost after a penalty shoot-out), but that the company has no reason to be in the English language, international is free to call.Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur · 2 hours ago

Under the guidance of manager José Mourinho, who in november of last year, the number of redundancies Maurichio Pochettino followed, heading back to White hart lane at the worst finishing position since 2008. The Londoners, who, at the time, as the eleventh ending, are currently in tenth place in the Premier League, even though most of the clubs above Spurs with a game more played.Portsmouth-Tottenham Hotspur · 2 hours ago

Steven Bergwijn is gearing up for his fifth game since the resumption of the Premier League. Here are his stats from the past four games:

Min: 156
Goals: 1
Assists: 0
Cardstock: 02 pm geledenBournemouth-Tottenham Hotspur · 3 hours ago

Bergwijn will rise against the Rest
Steven Bergwijn will begin in the basis in North London for the away game against Portsmouth (kick-off 19: 00). The 22-year-old attacker is due to manager Jose Mourinho as the left, in a cutting edge as well as striker Harry Kane and right-winger, Erik Lamela. It is Bergwijn made his third move for White, since the corona-out of the Premier League. In Bournemouth, will appear, of course, Nathan Aké, at the kick-off. The defendant, a 25-year-old, is the captain.

Installation Bournemouth: Ramsdale; Smith, Kelly, Aké, Rico; Lerma, Gosling, Brooks, Forested Area; King And Wilson,

Drawing Back To White Hart Lane: Lloris; Aurier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies; Sissoko, Winks, Lo Celso; Lamela, Kane, Bergwijn.Premier League · 11 hours ago

He takes to English football because of a suspension of Animal
Tottenham Hotspur’s manager, José Mourinho, is upset with the English football association (FA) yesterday decided to use his Eric the Animal (26) for a four-match suspension due to an incident on the 4th of march. The 26-year-old Animal that was after losing the FA Cup match against Norwich City, with the stands and at the same time, he learned that his brother is a fan and was offended. The company decided to throw him in there on Wednesday for the suspension, and a fine view. “In most of the cases in football, the players are not being protected by the very people who call the shots. They don’t belong in this world,” replied sir alex ferguson Wednesday night. “These people do not have the know-how to the way to work. It is a very, very, very, very difficult for an organization to be led where you do not have a clue as to what I have.”La Liga · 12 hours ago

Setién, after a difficult victory, London: ‘in a Defensive Espanyol, he made it very, very hard
FC Barcelona did last night, in spite of the 1-0 win at Espayol not the best idea, but, according to coach Quique Setién has to explain it. “We have to be sure it’s a good game is played. It was more effective than brilliant, but it’s a very defensive game from Espanyol, was also very, very difficult,” he said, according to Marca after the match. “Espanyol was defending very, very well. And to see opportunities when there are so many people out for the purpose.”Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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