John Destadsbader: “Finally, once again on a podium

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For months, it has seen a lot Destadsbader will not be able to show, but the Thursday came there was a change in the. Thursday at 11 pm, it was Moved Destadsbader at the soundcheck to the stage on the festival grounds of rock Werchter is set up. “And finally, on the stage,” – commented the Player Destadsbader held in ‘Mad Lot of Us, the summer of Kim Debrie on Radio 2.

“This is the first show where people will have to go back to be able to come, but the good thing is that all of them were very enthusiastic. We will give four concerts, one in the afternoon, one this evening and two more the following week, on Thursdays and on four minutes it was all sold out. We are privileged each and every time for 400 people to play with. It’s not much, but if you use it, so long as it’s a lot of it, and you are happy with it,” laughs John.