Jo Vally shows tuinconcerten with a live band

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The holiday is in full swing. For many people, this is the year of holiday at home and that’s when Jo Vally is no different. “If we had a source of inspiration for the garden is to be transformed into a tropical paradise. I’m going to work with my musicians to be our guests at a hotel in the late afternoon to deliver full, live, music, atmosphere, and entertainment. We don’t just put it in a room, we’re in a unique environment, do so. If we’re at a tiki bar down at the Costa del Sol. Our yard isn’t the biggest but they are the most exotic on the street,” said Jo Vally.

“We offer our guests a nice table, in which every person is free to manage according to your budget. It’s a nice afternoon or evening it will be, that is what we stand for.”
Jo Vally-will you live with the orchestra, and delight with the summer tunes, and to add to his many hits. Guests will be greeted by a charming hostess who will indicate this.

There are two packages: standard tickets are $ 30 and VIP’s.
Tickets are $ 30 per person and includes a ticket to the concert, a welcome drink and a small snack.
VIP tickets are $ 70, so you’ll get a ticket for the concert, a welcome drink, a bottle of champagne (per 2 persons) as well as tapas and à as much as you like, and dessertbordje of coffee or a refreshing drink as you normally would.