Wearing Helmut Lotti once again, and a wig?

1e3c29ac764de2024c0192bbe3492350 - Wearing Helmut Lotti once again, and a wig?

Helmut Lotti has her. And this is quite remarkable, once the lead singer for several years with a bald pate due to it’s life. Helmut, refuses to reveal how he have new hair, and that makes for some of the fans, however, have to hold. “Can no one else do it too, perhaps,” says a misnoegde fan.

Co-lead singer, Ivan, Vermeer’s, which is also the manager of the Aesthetic, Airlines, and reveals, in the Day that Helmut Lotti is likely to be chosen for dermaskin. “Is that a hair piece is made of a very thin layer of skin on the head becomes stuck. In principle, this would be a toupee, as Helmut, many years before, but in the meantime, the technologies are very highly evolved.”