A quarrel with Davidson’s womb, the funeral of Els.

18aeb0e9901f9094ccb9da40427ab838 - A quarrel with Davidson's womb, the funeral of Els.

In an argument, it is in the best of families. Even at Davidson there is the case. Now, the mama Els Ouderits have died, more than all of a sudden, a suicide note on it. Five months ago, emily is a sort of “farewell letter” to her husband and her children. And that is one argument out of the water.

“There is my treasure and my beloved children”, and thus opens the Alder to the conscious letter. “Don’t forget that I have an infinite supply of them in your heart, and with all my heart. What’s Yentl now feel I can no longer have. To have the courage to fight against my illness I can no longer afford. The lies that your sister may really be up to you. In the absence of my kleinkindjes is just unbearable. It is better that I can just get everyone else to leave. Then it stops, Yentl is finally with her in a lie. And you become aware of this process and move on with your life. I know that you are going to hurt. But after the rain comes the sunshine,” we read in the letter that the family of the Els was shared.