Summer picture: who is that small in the K3?

270808c4aabf62c874119d4a7c28512a - Summer picture: who is that small in the K3?

This summer, we’re in between the “news” in the world of Showbiz to its users. We bijschikken meanwhile, a large image archive, and are given to us in the past few weeks, quite a lot of photos and noticed that. Now, take this picture of a little girl, together with a copy of the original version of the K3. By Kristel Verbeke, Kathleen Aerts and Karen Being so. And that, little girl? That is, in the meantime, a young lady, to become ready to get after it this summer to go to university. This photo was taken on July 7, 2003, taken from the recordings of 10-to-see has to offer. We are certain that Luna is in The Green, the daughter of Willy Sommers, and all this time we will not forget.