Stef Wauters won’t be more of it in the VTM NEWS

Stef Wauters won't be more of it in the VTM NEWS

The VTM nieuwsanker Stef Wauters, let his colleagues down. A month is a long time, he will not be displayed on the screen, which writes The Latest News. A month would be Impossible, Wauters, to be replaced by his or her colleagues. Especially, Freek Braeckman would be this month, and a striking number of presentations to his account. The reason why we do This, Wauters a while, you should have to miss out? Holiday.

Stef Wauters is the feline corona virus is a tough period to experience. This was repeatedly turned on for additional news and have hardly had time to recover. Now, the rest are around the virus is a bit of a lie, the nieuwsanker the period of time in order to yourself to take a rest. And he does so on the basis of a long holiday period: one month. At that time, Freek Braeckman and the location of Stef Wauters to take. “There is also measured a bit with the dienstlijsten, and I fall with joy for him and me. I’ll just have the shop open each day, Monday through Thursday. The weekend will remain in the territory While He is”, says Braeckman, in The News.