Johnny Depp: ‘she was the abuser in this relationship

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Johnny Depp: ‘she was the abuser in this relationship

07 July, 2020 15:21
07-07-20 15:21
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Johnny Depp has still not been returned, through his attorneys, the first word is taken in the legal proceedings which he brought against The Sun. The actor, who is in the British newspaper, raised money for the victims to shame, refuted, according to Deadline, the stories of his ex, Amber Heard, and say that they are the person who abused their relationship with you.

Heard claimed to be mistreated by Depp. That claim was the focus of an article that The Sun posted. The actor called the story “fictional”.

“It was in fact the abuser in this relationship,” said David Sherborne, one of the attorneys for Depp. “They began fighting, and struck him with it. The evidence is that supports that and shows that he is in love with her. He found it difficult, therefore, for its behavior to be able to understand it. The use of violence in their relationship, started from mrs. Heard, mr. Depp was, therefore, sometimes forced to defend himself. He is not a vrouwenmishandelaar, and there’s never been an issue.”