Jess Glynne angry at the restaurant for her wegstuurde

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Jess Glynne angry at the restaurant for her wegstuurde

April 30, 2020 at 14:21
30-04-20 at 14:21
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Well-known Dutch and international celebrities are using social media regularly, you can see it in their lives. communicate throughout the day, updates are the stars in place.

43 minutes ago

Jess Glynne upset at a restaurant after the refusal, because of the clothing

Jess Glynne on Instagram of her dissatisfaction with the restaurant and the Sexy Fish in London. The singer says in the aggressive manner were rejected, because they have a sweatshirt with a hood on his back. She told us that the number of employees for both her and her friend came over and decided that she wasn’t allowed to eat with us. “The attitude of your staff will need to change it, because it was pure discrimination,” writes Glynne, known for such hits as Hold My Hand , and Rather Be.

The followers of the singer are, however, not all of them agree with her. They point out that the restaurant has a dress code which states that sports clothing is not allowed.8 hours ago

Dave Roelvink expected “predictable” jokes ” after you buy the car

Dave Roelvink has a new car and expects to have “a Predictable car” jokes in 3, 2, 1..”. In June, Roelvink in an accident with one of his friend, Mo, Bicep borrowed car up to the value of almost 300,000 euro.yesterday at 12:29

Paris Hilton wants to be president

Paris Hilton looks as well to serve as the president of the United States. After Kanye West was previously reported to be a candidate, was in Paris for a photo on Instagram with her dog in front of the White House, which on this occasion is pink, it is made of. The President of Paris, that sounds good,” she writes. The Hilton also thought of all his or her own take on the slogan from the President’s Home: “Make America is Hot Again.”yesterday, at 09:43

Waylon is still at the birthday party friend, Bibi Breijman

Bibi Breijman be celebrating on Monday, her 29th birthday, and Waylon is still. “I’m glad, that I with you may be celebrating. On the other hand, it is also true that each and every day with you is a birthday seems like as each day is a gift,” says the singer-songwriter.yesterday at 08:47 andListeners, see Fernando Halman sat down as the political leader of the Netherlands

Kanye West’s alleged on Sunday that he will be the president of the United States of america wants it to be. When the hip hop-dj Fernando Halman on Monday in ochtendshow listeners ‘ suggestions had to do a MEDIA and a political leader in the Netherlands, has also his name several times referred to.yesterday at 08:47gisteren at 05:46 pm

Gordon celebrates extract 52nd birthday

Gordon may Monday, 52 years old again. “I’ve done it, celebrate life,” says the singer, who on Sunday announced, in 2019, the emergency number 112 to call when he suffered from palpitation of the heart.on Sunday at 15:30

Roel van Velzen for the president’

Roel van Velzen has been inspired by Kanye West, on Sunday, announced as a candidate to the U.s. presidency. According to a new Instagram message, the artist. “Thanks for being such an inspiration, November. #RoelTheWorld,” he writes in one photo, he is posing for the Dutch flag.on Sunday, at 11:03 pm

Better is it weren’t for Daphne Deckers

Daphne Deckers was made on a day trip to the island of Texel with the family. Even though the weather is tegenzat, at the end of the day, however, a small glimmer of hope. After a day of storm and rain, I met Jochem Myjer at,” writes Decker in a picture of themselves with a quote from the Myjer. “Beautiful, is it not.”on Saturday at 15:42

Dionne Slagter has a lot to celebrate
The YouTuber got it ten years ago on a plane to Spain for treatment of an eating disorder. “The button was for, when I came back,” she writes on Instagram. “I have made the choice to no longer be silent, and to go with you.”Saturday, at 12:47

It sounded so good: a weekend trip to the island. But, unfortunately, the weather throws a spanner in the works for a Daphne Deckers, and her family.every Saturday at 09:19

Very nice, again a bit of sun after this rainy day, but you do have to be careful. Patrick, She did this in a very painful way to teach the actor has been terribly burned in the face.every Saturday at 09:19vrijdag at 20:14

Roxeanne Hazes is enjoying time with his son (2)

Roxeanne Hazes is enjoying they time with her two year old son of a Fender, for example, via Instagram. The lead singer, since march of 2017 who is engaged to be Erik Zwennes, owing to the coronacrisis a lot of shows are cancelled.on Friday, at 16:25

Sofie van den Enk miss a friend

The host Sofie van den Enk is a sad one. She misses her American friend that she is already four months and have not seen it. Because of the corona virus that he can’t go to the Netherlands to travel. “We’ve known each other this weekend, only seventeen years old and is so happy to be celebrating with his move to come here,” she writes on Instagram.Thursday, at 22:16, john Smith could finally get a ribbon opspelden

He was a little over two months, but joe Smith will finally have a ribbon pinned on and can now become an Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau to name a few.

Tonight I received my official Royal honour as Officer in the order of Orange-Nassau!


AuteurJAN SMITMoment of plaatsen21:35 – 2nd July 2020donderdag at 16:18

Nicolette Kluijver conceive to have also a cat

Sorrow, grief, and anger, Nicolette Kluijver, and her children are after the cat, Jina, on the street, was also killed. Kluijver has called on the municipality of ouder-Amstel, to the ‘race track’ – for her home, and now finally have to deal with it.on Thursday at 05:40 pm

Stu, the French developed their own coffee brand, because of coronacrisis

The former Good Times, Bad Times-the actress, Stu, the French have their own coffee brand has been developed. “For it is good, and a good cup of coffee, I noticed with corona, a light to them.on Thursday at 05:15

Merel Westrik is happy with her new-born nephew,

Merel Westrik has became an aunt of the baby’s Advantage. “Greater is he that smiles.” said the announcer.on Thursday at 05:15woensdag at 06:22

Estavana Polman reflects on lunch with the king and the queen

Handbalster Estavana Polman was a Tuesday, one of the guests at king Willem-Alexander and queen Maxima at the uitblinkerslunch by 2020, and the world champion has handball and called it “a great day”. Also, among others, comedian, and actor, Jandino Asporaat, vlogger Nienke Moor, actress (Hannah Hoekstra), former tennis player Richard Krajicek, were invited to a lunch with the king and his wife.on Wednesday at 06:13 am

Henry of de Westelaken say goodbye to the dog, and Dirk

Henry of de Westelaken had been in the past, the owner of the Tuesday death of a dog, and Dirk and a long, hard look at his / her death. “The good boy next door to me, I had many years ago with a different home when I was, due to circumstances, no longer have to take care of him,” said the presenter of Who is the Mole?. Dirk went to a loving home where he of his last breath, the thirteen-year-old. I will cherish the memories. Good bye, Dirk.”Tuesday, at 22:04

Eric Corton can also

Eric Corton and has a multifocal pair of glasses need to be purchased. “Well… the day has finally come. The pair of reading glasses, there was quite a few years, but right now, I noticed in the evening that I’ve been really tired and at the distance of some depth, and began to miss it… So I shall: the multifocal glasses,” writes the presenter on Instagram. Fortunately, he was “quite happy”.Tuesday, 30 June at 08:21 am

Andre, Roxeanne and her are still at the birthday party of André Hazes, sr.

André Hazes (1951-2005) would on Tuesday its 69th anniversary celebration. Son, Andre junior, shares an old photo of the family, daughter Roxeanne wishes of her father, in a comment on a video of an interview, and she tells of her late husband, and to miss out on.Tuesday, 30 June at 06:09 pmDolf Jansen connects successful Leaders in psychology

Dolf Jansen has investigated the coronagedeelte of the following proposition on the behaviour of the hamsteraar. “I was supposed to be a psychologist to explain to people that the behavior of others, copy it, even though they know that it’s a useless behavior. It seems to me that the explanation for this is the long-standing success of The best,” said the comedian on Tuesday in the Faith.Tuesday, 30 June at 06:06 am

Mark Wahlberg found out after 49 years of age, his allergies

Mark Wahlberg has to be tested for allergies. “It only took me 49 years to figure out that I’m up for almost anything are allergic,” says the actor.Tuesday, 30 June at 06:06dinsdag, 30 June at 05:05Kanye West “pride ourselves on a billionaire’, and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West used Twitter to keep the world on Tuesday to let him know that he is proud of his wife, realityster, and Kim Kardashian. Several media reported on Monday that the wife of the rapper billionaire, it would have been subsequent to the sale of a 20 per cent, of her cosmetics company, KW, for a reported us $ 200 million (about 180 million us dollars).

I am so proud of my beautiful wife, Kim Kardashian West, for officially becoming a billionaire
You’ve weathered the craziest storms and now God is shining on you and our family
So blessed with this, it is still a life
We love you so much


AuteuryeMoment of plaatsen02:48 pm – June 30, 2020maandag, June 29, at 22:56

Taking Plateringen is on Mondays are more fun without a hangover

According to the presenter to Chose from Plateringen are the days of the moon are more fun without the boys. On Instagram, he said: “Hopsa! It is closed on Mondays. Since I didn’t take every weekend laveloos am on Mondays and a whole lot more fun. Life without a cat is fine too.”Monday, 29 June at 20:54

Katja Schuurmans daughter has grown so loud

Katja Schuurman believes that her daughter is very, very fast growth, let them learn it on her Instagram. “Look at this lovely chick! Still, for a moment, and she’s taller than I am. Fortunately, I’ve been busy with the production of a minimeisje,” says Schuurman.
on Monday, June 29, at 12:52

Marieke Elsinga, thank you for co-operation with the afslankmerk

Marieke Elsinga, sharing it on Instagram of her frustration with a case that they had to work with a afslankmerk. “My manager knows me well, and I already have thank you very much, but it has sent the request for review by me. I have read it, and said: “No, this room doesn’t work for me” and got on the road. But then I read it again and thought to myself: “Whoa look, it is really no fun in the sky.” It is, therefore, that I have what is (corona?)pounds come off,” said Mary.Monday, 29 June at 09:04 am, Arjen Robben delayed the contractor grappend to the pitch

Arjen Robben had the news that he will be in 2019, ended football career again, giving life to his old love of football club FC Groningen, with the casual comment that the contractor will have two months to Groningen, a house to remodel. In the field, will give on Monday, The 538 Ochtendshow grappend that it was intended to “put the pressure on to keep up with his contractor, who is subject of this work, by the way, he let me know that they are satisfied.Monday, 29 June at 07:31 am

Carolien Spoor, are you looking for a second child and breast-feeding

Carolien Spoor is enjoying her five-month-old son, Elijah, and more of the breast than in his three-year-old big brother, Paul. The moment you need with the actress, and less to express, what for her, “a lot of gezeul and money saved”.

“As long as things are going well, I enjoy a lot of these voedingsmomentjes together,” says the actress. “I’m really aware of the fact that the breast does not as a matter of course, and I’m very grateful that it is on the way. To all mothers whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding provides, and I am a firm believer that love is hugs and which ones it’s best to let it grow.”Monday, 29 June at 07:31maandag, June 29, at 05:44 andDaughter of Beyonce and JAY-Z, or (8) to win a BET Award

Blue Ivy, the eight-year-old daughter of singer Beyonce and rapper JAY-Z, has on Monday, a BET Award. The little girl did in the song, Brown Skin Girl , her mother, and that the best BET is to Re-number the won. BET it is a kabelzender, which focuses primarily on black women.on Sunday, 28 June at 17:10

Anouk Hoogendijk is getting in her pants don’t close

A football player, Anouk Hoogendijk and is now 24 weeks pregnant, and her pants are no longer tight. “When your jeans no longer close properly, you’ll know that it really really really is starting to be…”, she wrote on a photo on Instagram.Sunday, 28 June at 12:05 pm

John doe remember a friend-and-manager-Jaap Buijs

On Sunday, it will be five years ago, john Smith had to leave his friend and manager, Jaap Buijs. “Today, five years ago I lost my best friend of…,” notes the 34-year-old singer on his Instagram. “The sadness will wear out, fortunately, to a certain extent, but the loss is, on the other hand, every day a little more!!!! Nevertheless, I would love to hold on to the life lessons and memories that I will always be with me and will be fine.”

About who to cooperate with, among others, The netherlands, and The George Baker Selection, the manager will Smith as the lead singer for twelve years. In 2012, the two company Vosound Records. About died in the year 2015 at the age of 69 of cancer.on Saturday, the 27th of June at 21:10

Adele brings out the fans in confusion

Adele post a picture on Instagram in which she is on stage, and fans are wondering what it all means. Earlier this week, it was announced that with the release of her new album, due to the coronacrisis have to wait. The rumors were that the singer in september, with a new one would come out.

on Friday, 26 June at 20:02

Nick, the Painter, celebrates the fruits of the wedding

Nick is a Painter on a four-year bargain. More than that this year ‘fruits of marriage’ is called, the one half of the musical duo Nick & Simon, and that he has not for one second regret in life.on Friday, 26 June at 19:58

Sander Hoogendoorn at the scooter to the pub

Sander Hoogendoorn has a flat tire. That is why the Dutch radio station 3FM-dj’s with his skateboard, on his way to the kroegvrijdag, 26 June at 19:00

André Hazes, and Karen Being together, number one on

André Hazes, Karen Damen, who is well-known from the K 3, together with the recording stuff to record music. “We are in a cool, dark, dry apartment on this very hot day. Also, the company makes up for it!”, writes, Being in a photo on her instagram. She called the Cockpit, “The most Dutch of the Netherlands.

The two have known each other from the program, for the Love of Music, the Belgian version of the Best of the Singers.on Friday, 26 June at 15:30

Rob de Nijs, the gaze of his portrait in the exhibition

Rob de Nijs has to go to the photo exhibition of William I, where the image of the singer is to be seen. De Nijs has been very impressed with his beard.Friday, June 26, at 10:39 am

Maik de Boer is doing an online offer

Maik de Boer, the love of his life can be spotted. “I want to have the flu,” he writes on Instagram. “And then Anton has the Flu.” According to the designer, it is a Flu, news Qmusic, a “fiercely compelling man.”

on Friday, 26 June at 07:45 pm

You’ll be friends again, of course, is very good, but guess what: up to 1.5 meters away is pretty difficult. Even for famous people. Patty Brard, Viktor Brand, and Kees Tol went for a bite to eat and were not able to make a selfie, to make it maybe 1.5 inches from each other. The hostess assures her followers that the photo is right back up to 1.5 meters in between it came out.Thursday, 25 June at 21:36

Jan crime analysis for problem solvers looking for the summer for cooling off in the water

For the heat, Thursday’s escape, Jan crime analysis for problem solvers in a bath in a tub filled with ice cubes. “Little relief from the sun on a hot day,” he writes in his post on Instagram.Thursday, 25 June at 09:27 pm

She and Sebastian have fifteen years of marriage

Again, as fifteen years ago, a promise She Breugem and Bastiaan Ragas eternal love to each other. “We are 15 years old, male. Sweet, honest, funny, impatient, romantic, smart, creative… it’s like a very long time, with him writing the show.Thursday, 25 June at 07:01 pm

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, to date, in the back yard

Chrissy Teigen has to be in the back yard for a dinner hosted for her husband, John Legend, and now going out for a few months, it is not possible.Thursday, 25 June at 05:27 pm

Monique Westenberg, and Roxeanne Hazes that share the same image

Where Roxeanne Hazes at a picture of her playing the son of a Fender and the latter’s nephew, André, junior – “be Thankful” writing, writing, Van Westenberg is on her Instagram profile, “Wealth”, in the same picture. Andre Hazes, and his sister, Roxeanne had the time, a damaged relationship, but Roxeanne had earlier this year, we know the weather is “nice” to her brother and co-vocalist.Wednesday, 24 June at 21:33

Children of andrew and Roxeanne Hazes play

Andre Hazes son, Andre, and Roxeanne Hazes with his Fender could have on Wednesday time together to go outside. Roxeanne left on her Instagram account, namely that she is “grateful,” and felt, for the time being. Earlier this year, Roxeanne Hazes all know, the weather is “nice” to her brother, with whom they have a long period of time, a breakdown in relations had been.on Wednesday, June 24, at 12:09 pm

Baker, Cas, is a graduate

Cas Wolters, known for it’s sixth season, all of Holland Bakes, and has been a teacher of the degree in. “With pride, I can finally tell you that I have successfully graduated as a teacher of primary school! The first deaf teacher from the teacher of the brand,” says Wolter of the night.

In the bakery, and in the future basisschoolleraar celebrated his graduation with the Whole of Holland Preparesto host the André van Duin-and -jury, Janny van der Heijden. Wolters was a guest for the remainder of their program, and Thinking of home.Back to top

Image: BrunoPress


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