Hit Ibrahimovic disallowed in the Milan-Juventus, Arsenal lead

f936b4c68dd031366735217992b736ed - Hit Ibrahimovic disallowed in the Milan-Juventus, Arsenal lead

Hit Ibrahimovic disallowed in the Milan-Juventus, Arsenal lead

07 July, 2020 18:57
07-07-20 at 18:57
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Good evening, and welcome to this liveblog. Here, we will keep you up to date on the matches tonight in the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga.

Arsenal V Leicester City 1-0
AC Milan-Juventus 0-0

Watford-Norwich City 2-1
Crystal Palace-Chelsea 2-3
Valencia-Real Valladolid 2-1
Lecce-Lazio 2-1 InSerie A for a couple of seconds ago, it‘s 47’ GOAL in The competition! 0-1a couple of seconds, geledenPremier League · the 5-minute geleden75′ Red for Arsenal! Eddie Nketiah, it is just the mind, but it must have been inrukken without the ball is a hit too. The young attacker is, indeed, what a head-long flown, but the seems to be does not mean it was intended to. The referee, however, is bound to be after the image and sends it to the attacker on the ground.Premier League · 8-minute geledenHet save a little, but Lacazette is, indeed, sidelined.

Alexandre Lacazette thinks he’s put Arsenal 2-0 up, but the replays show he is just offside 😬


AuteurGoalMoment of plaatsen22:44 pm – July 7, 2020Premier League will feature 10-minute geleden68 Now, it is Scored a goal is disapproved, it will be necessary. David Luiz extends to a corner at the foot of Lacazette, who is remember. The Frenchman, who is, at that moment, however, is inches offside, but there is, of course, do not agree with.Premier League · 14 hours ago

Bukayo Saka in the opening goal from Aubameyang again, for the twelfth time this season, the declarant must be covered. The only Left back Trent Alexander-Arnold, fourteenth, and Manchester City are a genius, Kevin De Bruyne (nineteenth day) this season, and more assists next to their names in the Premier League.Series, A 17-minute geleden45+3 in close range to think at the start of the rest of the score is to open up when he was face to face with Sczcesny for the ball to remember. The Swede is, however, in his own chagrijn place (and be blown off for offside. After the question, the team with the brilstand on the scoreboard, in the locker room at the.The 17-minute geledenPremier League · 24-geleden55, ” Almost repeating the vardy granted, and Iheanacho is their (scrap) piece of art from the first half of it, but this one is keeper and two defenders on the right place to get the ball to deal with.Series is A 26-minute geledenBewegende pictures of Patric Gabarron, who is his opponent is terrible for a late lunch. The Lazio player by the referee for a red card in as an extra.

What a fool! Patric Gabarron is taking a bite out of the arm to be Removed 😳
To see you go, Luis Suárez? 😅
#LECLAZ #SerieA #ZiggoSport


AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen22:23 – July 7, 2020Premier League · 28 minutes ago

Kelechi Iheanacho think in the second half in the game, but the team of the Leicester attackers will be rejected, because he was two seconds earlier, as a violation allows. In the picture you can also see that it is really hard when it rains in London, you will still have a role to play in the second half?Premier League · 33 minutes and geleden46 The second half at the Emirates Stadium has already begun. Will Arsenal have the lead, expand, and continue to rise in the rankings, or it may be Acceptable is to fight back in the game?Serie A in 37 minutes, geleden30, ” The opening is, without doubt, to AC Milan. For the home team with Ibrahimovic, is for the purpose of Sczcesny already a couple of times, dangerously, under fire. They can, for the time being, only a try on the Right compared to that near the pole it flies.The 37-minute geledenPremier League one day ago

Peace of mind! He looks to be the rise, after the resumption of the Premier League to continue, and half with a 1-0 at Leicester City. After a good start from Leicester, take the Arsenal to the control in this game and as a result, the edge to go. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is in the middle of the first half, to be responsible for the one and only hit so far. After a goal from Kelechi Iheanacho frowned upon, but it is also home to the control firmly in their hands.Series, A one-hour geledenHet it was not the night for Marco Mancosu, so to speak. In spite of the personal bad luck for the striker won with Lecce from Rome, so that’s a nice band-aid on the wounds.

What’s even worse? You wereldgoal frowned upon to be either one of the worst penalties ever taken in? 😅
Mancosu was happening to the both of them, but they are of Lecce, stuntte, however, against Lazio (2-1) 👏
#LECLAZ #SerieA #ZiggoSport


AuteurZiggo Sports VoetbalMoment of plaatsen21:51 am – July 7, 2020Premier League · one hour geleden35′ Goal in Leicester City’s rejected! Iheanacho rounds off a cross from vardy granted a great with a ball, but the referee ruled that he was right before, Kolasinac down the draw. The second half is not.Series A, one hour ago, theKick-off! They can be a giant step towards the title in turn. If it is to win from AC Milan, taking advantage of the ‘Old Lady’ most of the loss of the Map, and the scale is fixed to go through. You’ve got the setup yet, we will upload, that look like this.

Drawing with AC Milan: Donnarumma; Conti, Kjaer, Romagnoli, Hernandez; Kessie, Bennacer; Saelemaekers, Paqueta, Rebic; close range.

Drafting The Competition: Good; Cuadrado, Bonucci, Rugani, Danilo; Betancur, Pjanic, Rabiot; Bernardreschi, Higuain, Ronaldo.Series A, one hour ago

Of course, the focus is on the clash between AC Milan-The serie a champions off to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Cristiano Ronaldo. The two top-ranked players are already quite in the age but the class does it still have that.the one-hour geledenPremier League-four hours ago,21, a GOAL is Scored! 1-0

Leicester is a City that is stronger in the first half, but the Arsenal is in the lead. First Kasper Schmeichel, a cannon ball from Kieran Tierney is still a return, but in the next attack, the keeper won’t stand a chance, as Bukayo Saka is released by a good ball from Dani Ceballos, and the ball is ready for cooking as it does for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The Gabonees runs with the ball at the second pole from the inside and helps to be somewhat disappointing, the ratio is in the lead for the home team.Series, A one-hour geledenVoor this weird bite that will get Patric Gabarron from B to a red card in stoppage time against Lecce. The comparison is made with a certain striker from Uruguay, is an easy to…

Que clase d Lucho Suarez es, He???? #Holidays #Salento #SerieAxESPN


AuteurGonza LopezMoment of plaatsen21:31 – July 7, 2020Serie A-one hour ago

B takes off in a long battle, after a new loss
The national championship is in Italy, it seems this year, with a target for The serie a champions-to-be. A neighbour, he was A … lose-for the second year in a row, this time on a visit to Lecce. The Romans will have at the start and end of the luck on their side, due to a defective run of Lecce attacker Marco Mancosu and openingsgoal by Felipe Caicedo, but after that, everything goes wrong. Khouma Babacar draws in the state, after half an hour of the same. At the start of the quiet fog, Mancosu in no way a penalty, but shortly after the break to put Fabio Lucioni of Lecce, yet gained a competitive edge. A … to succeed, in spite of a subbing Bobby Adekanye and the ten minutes that he would no longer be in that, in order to bend, due to a yellow card for Patric Gabarron due to the bite, so catching up with The competition later on tonight and may be up to ten points.Series, A 2 hour geleden88 ” is Still a precarious time for Lecce, as the goalkeeper Gabriel with a kick at the back of his own defender, aanschiet. Immobile, the ball can not, however, on the net to go get it. Holidays are going to be here once again, huge, expensive points to spare, and puts The in a position to be in against AC Milan advance to the national championship.A 2-hour geledenLa League · 2 hours ago

Valencia keep the European hopes in the balance
Thanks to a late goal from Lee, Kang-in, Valencia is still a chance at European football. In your own home, it is difficult with a 2-1 win at Real Valladolid. The winning goal of the South Korean is only at the last minute. The victory means Valencia, Jasper Cillessen, the entire game sitting on the bench, with the connector in the end. Catching up with the number seven, the Real Sociedad one point, but Valencia does have a match more played.La Liga · 2 hours ago89′ GOAL in Valencia, spain! 2-1

This is a very very important goal for the city. The only nineteen-year-old as Lee Kang-in, cut in from the right towards the inside, and is just outside of the penalty area and the ball with a precise shot.Premier League · 2 hours ago theKick-off! The beginsignaal has occurred at the Arsenal v Leicester City. To keep the ‘Gunners’ view of the European football, or to deal with the ‘Foxes’ of the crucial points in the battle for Champions League football?Premier League · 2 hours ago

The important but hard-won victory from Chelsea at fellow-townsman
Chelsea are in pain and are struggling in the battle for one Champions League ticket. Visiting fellow-townsman of the Crystal Palace, a win for the ‘Blues’ 2-3. After a half-an-hour, there seems to be no problem for Chelsea after goals from Olivier Giroud and Christian Pulisic. A zondagsschot of Wilfried Zaha puts the stress back in the real world, and a fascinating voetbalgevecht is formed. Substitute Tammy Abraham seems to be in the game for twenty minutes, for a period of time to decide, but in reference to Patrick Bolted make Christian Benteke, a minute later, the aansluitingstreffer. Almost does the Palace have a point, but in the last minute of injury time selling Scott Dann to the audience.Premier League · 2-hour geleden90 a 5′ Pole, the Crystal Palace! Since Chelsea have all the luck in the world. Battering ram Than a headline and a cross from Zaha, through the tips of the fingers of the Arrizabalaga against the post. The rebound damping of Bolted which is then checked.Premier League · 2 hours ago

Wereldgoal Welbeck brings to Arsenal on the edge of relegation
Norwich City is only as good as the degradant in the Premier League this season. The hekkensluiter is going to be on a visit in Watford 2-1 at the bottom, and it is, therefore, almost certain of a place in the bottom three. The team is: Tim Krul, that is the whole of the match, notched, is still in the lead by an early goal from Emiliano Buendia. Soon after the draw, Craig Dawson, however, all of the second half, and then Welbeck with a stunning bicycle kick Arsenal do not stand a chance to be the winning hit. Left unanswered by the nederlang hekkensluiter, and has a six-point gap on Portsmouth and Aston Villa. Car by taking the lead right away on the bottom, but it has always been in the seventeenth.Premier League · 2 hours ago

Patrick Bolted is focused on Christian Benteke to his assist in which it was issued, and the voltage again. Crystal Palace has a couple of minutes to get a draw out of the fire, and fingerprints.Serie A 2 hours agothe 48′ GOAL in Lecce! 2-1

There is, however, still have the advantage of Lecce, and we don’t know what that is, it is well deserved. Fabio Lucioni has the best timing in the corner, and the headline in the titeldroom of the Map to further activity.Premier League · 2-hour geledenUw attention to this beautiful and flat-out by Danny Welbeck. Tim Krul, there can only be full of admiration to look at it.




AuteurExtra Time IndonesiaMoment of plaatsen20:may 28 – July 7, 2020La League · 2 hours ago –48′ GOAL-Real Valladolid! 1-to-1

After a rest, gives it the advantage off of your hands. Victor Garcia to get the ball out of the spin pretty behind, Jaume, Domenech, in order to replace Jasper Cillessen.Premier League · 2 hours ago –72′ GOAL in a Crystal Palace! 2-3

Delete this text, about the decision-making of the game, as Crystal Palace will do just fine then. Patrick Bolted is fighting his way through the penalty area and lays the ball wide to Christian Benteke who easily scored in a empty goal in front of him.Premier League · 2 hours ago –71′ GOAL in Chelsea! 1-3

Chelsea seems to be the game here, as yet, to decide, and it’s the raiders that make a difference. Ruben Loftus-Cheek is a very sensitive passje Tammy Abraham, and the striker taps the ball very calmly into the far corner.Premier League · 2 hours ago

A great poster to have in the evening in the Premier League and with number seven, the Arsenal will receive around 21.15 hours the Leicester City area. In the second half and the points needed to keep an eye on European football, while the visitors of Champiosn League football to almost be able to smell it.

Establishment Of The Arsenal: Martinez; Mustafi, David Luiz, Kolasinac; Bellerin, Ceballos, Xhaka, Tierney; Saka, Lacazette, Aubameyang.

Installation: Leicester City: Schmeichel; Bennett, Evans, Söyüncü; This One, Ndidi, Williams, Albrighton; Perez; Iheanacho, Vardy Granted.Series, A 3-hour geleden45+5′ of Lecce, missing a penalty! Mancosu is allowed to build in from eleven metres in length, which makes it that a lot of the occasion. Due to a crazy hupje, just before he shoots, he gets to the ball well, and shoot, he’s huge all over. That will give him the rest in a few curses of his team-mate on stage.Premier League · 3-hour geledenDe him how Danny Welbeck made his first competitietreffer for the Car make.

A stunning way to net your first #PL goal for @WatfordFC
#WATNOR | @DannyWelbeck


AuteurPremier LeagueMoment of plaatsen20:18 – July 7, 2020Premier League · 3 hours ago –55′ GOAL in a Car! 2-1

What a great ball from Danny Welbeck! Car coming very fast in the game, but the attack seems to be getting bogged down as a supporter of Norwich City for the ball in the opposite. The ex-striker of Manchester United and Arsenal, however, is a magnificent calling, the cross and place Car for the first time, to be ahead in this game.Premier League · 3-hour geleden46, ” The London derby is to be resumed. Can Chelsea’s dominance in the first half-an-hour to find it, or give the Crystal Palace and the return to further take shape?Series, A 3-minute walk froma 30′ GOAL in Lecce! 1-to-1

Before a goal is scored by Lecce, has been rejected, the party of the home team this time round. Babacar makes a issued in favour 1-to-1 against Lazio, and that is to win and if it is serious, the title will remain with The serie a champions.La Liga · 3 hours ago –30′ GOAL as Valencia! 1-0

Valencia have a half-hour, and some of the opportunities needed in order for the spell to be broken. Kevin Gameiro is away on the right side, and with a low, hard cross and Maximiliano Gomez. The clubtopscorer of the swimming pool (he is ten) without the need for the ball, only to fade away.Premier League · 3 hours ago

Peace of mind! Are the teams going to the tea at Selhurst Park. Chelsea looked to be an easy night, to meet, after the loss of Gary Cahill and a goal from Olivier Giroud and Christian Pulisic. The Crystal Palace itself, however, the team fought hard and, through Wilfried Zaha, a beautiful aansluitingstreffer. In the stowed position, therefore, is 1-2, keeping an eye on this derby, not just the winner.Series, A 3-minute walk fromthe 6′ GOAL Lazio! From 0 to 1

What a cruel, cruel minutes of Lecce. The team is thinking ahead, but instead look for a gap in. Felipe Caicedo is punishing a wrong-kick, the keeper and the rebound effect.Series, A 3-hour geleden5′ Goal in Lecce-rejected! The party for the home team to win, because, at the insistence of the roman see and the referee, as the images once again. Then, he saw a handsbal in the lead-up to the goal, so the goal is disallowed.Premier League · 3 hours ago –35′ GOAL in a Crystal Palace! 1-2

What a way to get the team back into the game to shoot. Wilfried Zaha gets the ball after a well-sustained of his by Bolted, ramming the ball in from a meter or two into the target. The ball is very hard and just under the crossbar, but it wouldn’t be as far into the corner that is Kepa Arrizabalaga never have a chance to. Error of the goalkeeper of Chelsea football club, whether it is in the matching, no less striking.Series, A 3-minute walk fromthe 2′ GOAL in Lecce! 1-0

It has The in the past of the Shield with one hand, and to go for it? Marco Mancosu is not to be treated by A … -the defence and let a shot loose. The attempt to sail into the cross.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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