Daphne Paelinck, it is back to Droomprinses

b33dbf9455569add2ff1da29fdb22979 - Daphne Paelinck, it is back to Droomprinses

All 5 seasons of crawling Home to actress Daphne Paelinck on the role of Droomprinses. In the same theater, drew more than 25,000 visitors are spread out all over Flanders, and it was played In January, and for the last time. But for now, corona is in for a surprise follow-up. Place The guinea pigs were restated for the presentation of a large open-air spectacle that can be experienced in small groups.

The security council has ordered the theaters are back open, but a production restart is not on a one -, two -, and three things happened. That they were there when The guinea pigs are not in their heart. They developed immediately with a draft and just a month later, on July 25th, the first show is already taking place. A great achievement, but, according to Randall, Of Duytekom, which produces in guinea pigs, this is a good time to go anywhere else to catch on. “The big houses are not a cost-effective way to start up and let and we specialise in exactly that, with a minimum of resources, maximum imagination, you can create it.”

“The show Droomprinses’ has already proven to be, tells the story of Daphne Paelinck, so that we have inspiration to get out of the current production. The costumes, there are props to be used, and then we called some of his fellow actors, and they did not have a lot of time to make their availability” (laughs).