In the winter, get the scoop on “The Playlist”

In the winter, get the scoop on "The Playlist"

In the past few weeks launched a variety of TELEVISION brands in several initiatives at the Flemish music industry, which is heavily affected by the effects of the corona virus, and to support them. The VRT board of directors is that the commitment be entered into as soon as the lockdown began. As of today, there is One new programme: ‘The Playlist’.

In each episode of ” The Playlist’ is an album homegrown on the floor and share a playlist of your favorite songs, together with musical anecdotes and personal memories. The artist takes the viewers on a journey through the musical, the VRT-archive of excerpts from Peter to Live, The GENIUS, The hero, Eurovision, Van Gils & guests, and a Hit, to the performances of Hitring, Mike-on-sea, The show, the Flanders festival, Hitkracht, Nekka Night in Café corsari, everything is possible on the basis of their personal stories. The artist tells us about his favourite singers and songs from their own countries, to share the musical memories of childhood, talks about the artists he looks up to, will let you in on what’s the best album in the can, to the music he likes to listen …

In The Playlist, and sharing in a total of 40 artists will have their favorite playlists, and stories to tell. For example, One of this year, is a daily portion of music from here, and the general public to enjoy the favorites of their favorite artists.