Goods on the auction block at the police

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Diamond Rolex watches up to designerkleren of the bags by Hermes, to luxury cars. Millions and millions of dollars of illegally acquired property to go under the hammer at politieveilingen in the united Kingdom. On Tuesday, July 7, at 21.55, take Telefacts long time viewers to an auction, where dozens of Rolex watches from $ 30,000 per unit will be auctioned of.

The goods that the police seized from criminals to social networking sites, such as Instagram, to buy up with their expensive lifestyle and when it comes to the lamp and walked out. The proceeds from the auction will be high, since they is going to be a special purpose: to the victims who have been scammed by the same crooks. The viewer learns that the criminals who had to say goodbye to their luxeleven, the victims who have been ripped off and the buyers who indulge in affordable luxury.

On Thursday evening, July 9, at 21.55, there was still more of a luxury, and travel Telefacts found to be one of the world’s largest and most luxurious hotels in the world, with Baha Mar. The megaresort is located in the Bahamas, and each year about one million tourists. But who’s to say that a large, non-exclusive, may be? The hotel is keen to get people in the holiday of a lifetime to be delivered, so whether you’re a family with children or just want to gamble for the big money. Anything is possible. Even the golf course where the hole, each and every day, a place to change it.