Frank Galan at BNL to work

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Sangria, paella, tapas or a traditional barbecue grill? As of Sunday, July 5, set to Frank Galan-the BNL SOMBRERO, and he serves the song from its own soil, which is a summer and often times you touch. The original songs, or adaptation, of songs like “Que viva la vida”, “Put on our White Sombrero”, “Dança de Regina”, “Siete Rosas, Siete Besos”, but also say, “It’s Been a Summer” and “Hey Nah Nah Nah” to come over. From now on, every Sunday, in the BNL, by Frank Galan.

Frank Galan has the following expression : “BNL is playing music from its own soil, and in the Dutch language. It is my intention that during the summer months, to prove to you that we will be in belgium and the Netherlands also have a lot of zomersgetinte music with a high “caramba”-feeling. And now that we are all in the private beach, in the Ardennes, in the garden or at the neighbor’s fire to burn for a good ouwerwetse bbq, I can select them all to be happy, and I present them with the necessary “sombrero”in itunes. BNL Sombrero is now the official sign to be there for a lovely Sunday evening out of it!”